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cplace 2022 – The Annual Recap

cplace 2022 - The Annual Recap

When the year comes to an end…

it has become a good tradition to look back on the cplace year together. It is also an opportunity for us to say thank you to all of those who have made this year something special – whether you are a customer, partner, or member of the #bestteam!

It was especially rewarding to see many familiar faces, as well as many new faces from the community, in person again – not just in a Zoom call!

So, what has happened this year?


After we got out of our cookie food coma, we were full of motivation in the year 2022. Solution Templates needed to be developed, events had to be planned, and project and portfolio management had to be made more innovative. Step by step together with the community.

Towards the beginning of the year, we were able to host a film premiere. The cplace team video is a good opportunity to get to know the people behind cplace a little bit better.


Our Meetup series, Rapid Solution Heroes, had its premiere in February at the Office Hanover. The series provides a platform for experts who use Low-Code to deliver solutions precisely tailored to the needs of their company, in record time. Manuel Borja and Christian Ruwwe kicked things off with the topic of agile business processes at Continental. The recordings of the series can be found here (in German).

In the same month, the new cplace Solution Template Objectives and Key Results first saw the light of day – a template for all teams and companies that want to use the agile management framework in cplace.

And this is just one of many Solution Templates that have been added to the cplace Universe this year.


The success story continues: On March 25, collaboration Factory celebrated its 8th birthday – Happy Birthday to us! It is with this in mind that this ‘us’ has always been bigger than the #bestteam.

Without the community of partners and customers who configure and develop their own solutions based on the platform, collaboration Factory would not be what it is today. But a few more weeks should pass before our birthday party.

Dr. Manfred Schwaiger
cplace Webinar


In April, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) hosted its annual European conference in Madrid. There, Dr. Manfred Schwaiger from Roche, provided insights into the development of a new project and portfolio management software. Those who missed the presentation can still get valuable insights into the innovative project in the cplace Day 2022 recording.


Later in April, we said goodbye to the old six-week cplace release cycle and moved to a 12-week cadence. Version 22.2 also introduced a new naming scheme (year.quarter) and version 5 was history.


Let’s party! After two long years without a Christmas party and a summer party, team members from all three locations came together in Miesbach to celebrate the cplace ChristMay Party. And what is a Christ May Party, you might ask? It’s the best of a Christmas and birthday party – in May! And we can say that celebrating together is still the best!


On May 10, our partner REDPOINT.TESEON presented a brand-new solution created with cplace. In the webinar “In 5 steps to a crisis-proof supply chain”, Karsten Schaaf and Stefan Jell demonstrated what it takes to take supply chain risk and allocation management to the next level. You can find the solution here.


June is usually when the cplace year really picks up speed – and 2022 was no exception.

OKR – buzzword or success story? Earlier this month, cplace Chief Operating Officer Marvin Adami and QuinScape GmbH’s Head of Software Engineering Christopher Klewes shared their OKR experiences. During a web session with our media partner projektmagazin, they provided insights into their work with the agile management framework and the cplace solution template of the same name. You can find the recording here (in German).


The motto of this year’s Social Day was “Let’s do this!”. Hard-working colleagues lent a hand at the Arche Munich children’s project. And there was a lot to do: Paint, help with homework, help with the printer – there was no time to get bored on this day.


Finally, the members of our partner network were able to meet again in person at the Munich office. At Partner Insights 2022, the focus was on business and product updates, as well as networking and fun, for example, in the chain reaction that everyone helped to master.

Digital Product Forum
Partner Insights
Social Day
cplace ChristMay Party


The team in Munich had already set the pace in July – our colleagues from Hanover of course wanted to keep up. They had a lot of fun at their corporate run, the “B2Run Hanover”, which led around the Maschsee lake. And who set the cplace record? It didn’t matter, team spirit was the most important thing!


We also welcomed a new partner in August. Since then, InMediasP GmbH has strengthened our network. The IT consulting company, based in Berlin, Stuttgart, and Munich, focuses on product lifecycle and product data management.


We get many questions about what is special about cplace. We don’t need many words to tell you, as this video reveals.


The preparations for cplace Day 2022 truly kicked off in September. But before that, there were a few other events and activities to prepare for.

We were delighted about the success of our webinar series “Goodbye Excel”. In four parts, Christoph Huber provided insights into our Solution Templates Risk Manager, Committee Manager, Strategy Manager and Collaborative Scheduling. You can re-watch the individual recordings of the webinar series here (in German).


Shortly after, we had another web session with our media partner projektmagazin, which also impressed the audience. Hybrid expert Dr. Nepomuk Heimberger dived into the still highly demanded topic of hybrid project management. You can go directly to the recording by clicking here (recording in German).


What do the employees of a Munich-based company do at the end of September? Exactly – go to the Oktoberfest! The Wiesn has been greatly missed by many, and it was now possible to take place again for the first time since 2019. Our partners were the first to enjoy a beer and a delicious snack, as we invited them to the cplace Partner Wiesn. Shortly afterwards, the cplace team also enjoyed the long-awaited Wiesn feeling in the Hofbräu festival tent.


October was the month of our cplace Day! After we had to cancel our PPM live event due to Covid-19, we were able to organize a cplace Day on site again for the first time in two years.  Meanwhile, we had found an excellent replacement in the virtual realm with cplace DIGI CON.

In addition, we broadcasted the whole event live into the digital world. The hybrid version of the cplace Day titled “Where PPM Innovators Meet” was a massive success! More than 800 participants, including 120 in our event location Munich Hoch5, made this day our highlight of the year. In addition to our impulses on innovations, experiences and trends around project and portfolio management, well-known companies, including Canyon Bicycles, Continental Reifen Deutschland, Daimler Truck and F.-Hoffmann-La Roche, offered rare insights into their projects.


cplace Day also marked the launch of our new brand identity. With the re-branding, we want to create a recognizable design experience and bring our product brand cplace even more to the foreground. This also includes a new logo, which only consists of the word mark cplace.


Parla italiano? In October, the first cplace webinar was held in Italian. Our Italian partner LifeBee provided insights into project management in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Rupert Stuffer added the cplace perspective on the topic (in English).


Simply the best – inspiring the best young talents for cplace, that was the mission of our team at this year’s HOKO – the university contact fair in Munich. And for those who missed us there, they can find all the information they need on how to successfully join cplace on our career pages.


Towards the end of the month, the “CCP Lab Next Generation” took place at the cplace location in Ludwigsburg. There, our colleagues talked to cplace key players about Next Generation Cross-Company Planning and our next steps toward successful cross-company collaboration in value networks and joint ventures. After the workshop with a live demo of our CCP solution in the cplace Automotive Cloud, there was a pre-Christmas come together with gingerbread and mulled wine in front of our office.



Beyond thanking everyone for their contributions to the many big and small cplace stories this year, what else remains to be said? We would like to extend a special thank you to all the people who work behind the scenes on cplace magic and the numerous cplace projects for our customers and who do not appear in these annual reviews!

We wish you a great end to the year, enjoyable holidays, and a fresh start into many innovative projects in 2023!

We are excited for it!

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