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Why Next-Generation Project and Portfolio Management?

Yesterday’s Software for Tomorrow’s Challenges?

Classic project management software won’t put your enterprise on track for success. Find out why we believe the business world needs a new generation of project and portfolio management software.

Next-Generation Project and Portfolio Management Building Blocks

Next-Generation Project and Portfolio Management at a Glance

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The Status Quo in Many Companies

The 120% solution

One standard software application covering all use cases across the enterprise – sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

But these kinds of one-size-fits-all applications often don’t cut it because:

  • their excessive functionality is tedious,
  • they dictate pre-designed processes,
  • using them is frustratingly complex, and
  • familiarization takes ages.

Plus, they age rapidly. Naturally, all of these solutions claim to be ‘flexible’ and ‘customizable’. What they don’t tell you: Implementing changes and customizations takes a long time, costs a lot of money and is exceedingly labor-intensive.

The software remains where it is while the market and the enterprise keep developing at a breathtaking pace.

The niche tools

In many cases, small, purpose-built, cloud-based solutions help with specific tasks: Specialized apps, such as time and attendance, task management or team messenger apps, are popular and can be rolled out much faster than enterprise-class systems. They are often used by individual teams or in specific projects only.

However, this frequently causes a scattered landscape of isolated, silo-type applications across a company.

Once the project is finished or the sponsor leaves the company, the solution – and with it, the data created with it – is often disused.

The Excel lie


Something we see frequently: A standard solution deployed throughout the company has a scheduling feature of sorts to satisfy the stakeholders. But the actual project planning activities happen in Excel.

Niche tools and Excel files create a subculture of ‘shadow IT’ in the company

This unofficial, under-the-radar software use is supposed to make employees’ lives a bit easier.

But the reality looks quite different, and the consequences are far-reaching:

  • Uncontrolled proliferation of individual files not linked to the remainder of the software and data environment,
  • resulting in


  • version discrepancies and inconsistencies,
  • duplicated work
  • lack of coordination,
  • compliance issues and errors,
  • dependence on few individuals who understand the formulas and macros used.
What this means: Project decisions are based on unreliable and potentially inaccurate information.

These Excel-based approaches make it difficult to manage and aggregate a larger number of individual projects that depend on a common data basis.

Coordinating projects in terms of strategy, content, and scheduling, whether top-down or bottom-up, is rendered impossible.

The agile organization

Competition for the best talent is fierce, and skilled specialists have little tolerance for inefficient practices and tools. They want…

  • creativity and personal involvement
  • decentralized, self-reliant work opportunities
  • collaboration across silo boundaries
  • influence on the design of their software

To drive digitalization and make optimum use of available resources, Business and IT have to pull together. This helps organizations become faster and more dynamic, diverse, and flexible.

Tomorrow’s champions must strike a balance between freedom and diversity on one hand, and common standards and rail guards on the other.

Die agile Organisation

Change is the new superpower!

We are currently experiencing an exponential acceleration of change across all areas of life.

Digitalization, automation, networks, Artificial Intelligence, and other factors are changing the business world at rapid speed. Competition is heating up.

All this calls for fast action and adaptable corporate structures. Technologies must become more flexible and adaptable – at top speed.

It is high time for enterprises to start their journey. Biding your time is no longer an option. So join us in taking the next step in transforming your enterprise!

Change is the new Superpower!

Let’s transform together!

We believe in a new kind of project management, where organizations, employees and the community join hands to tackle challenges together.

Our technology enables users to co-develop their own work environment. This increases efficiency and maximizes job satisfaction among all people involved in projects.

Find out how Next-Generation Project and Portfolio Management with cplace can become a reality in your company!

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