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From the Community for the Community

Our user community creates custom innovations the market urgently needs. We not only develop our cplace platform for market leaders across all industry sectors – we do so together with them.

Co-Creation with cplace

Why Co-Creation and Communities?

Globalization and the digital transformation are changing the requirements software developers must meet. Conventional standard solutions are no longer able to meet today’s requirements. Rather, enterprises need custom-tailored, specific applications capable of delivering added value promptly while allowing quick and easy customization to overcome new, future challenges. This takes co-creation – a dynamic, self-adapting development ecosystem focused on addressing specific challenges.

Exclusive expertise

At cplace we bring together experts from selected industries to engage in a productive conversation about experiences, solution approaches and innovative ideas.

Joint prototyping

Our community combines efforts to develop prototypes for emerging needs, solving challenges for which individual companies don’t have answers yet.

Innovation for the cplace community

Co-creation fosters the development of innovative solutions – whether for the benefit of the entire community or for individual customers who request IP protection to generate and maintain competitive advantage.

Saving resources and costs

Developing processes and high-value solutions jointly means using resources efficiently and cutting costs.

Our Foundation: the Shared Source Model

We believe that a community-based approach will lead to better business software. Our Shared Source Model brings together expert knowledge, technology expertise as well as business and process know-how, allowing business solutions to be developed in record time – by the community for the community.

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Open software platform

The Shared Source concept meets individual requirements and makes innovative solutions available quickly and iteratively while safeguarding the product vision and its roadmap.

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Joining forces for joint success

Our community is constantly working on improving and expanding the cplace platform. By providing ideas, they help shape the future of Project and Portfolio Management.

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Involving the individual user

Our collaborative approach fosters engagement, self-reliance and trust. This practice ensures that the cplace platform is continuously driven forward, making it a truly user-driven and adaptable solution.

As a solution engineer, I am personally involved in many projects. In this role I continuously work together with our partners and customers. Time and again I feel satisfaction and excitement about success stories being told within the community, even when I haven’t been directly involved in the project.

Dr. Thomas Kugler
Head of Solution Engineering, cplace

Cross-Company-Planning (CCP) Lab

An exclusive network of experts from leading companies discussing methods, processes, standards, software solutions and the common challenge of cross-enterprise data exchange. This inspiring environment is an incubator of leading-edge ideas and innovative solutions.

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Pharma Circle

Experience-sharing platform for the pharmaceuticals industry

An exclusive industry network for experts from leading pharmaceutical companies providing opportunities to discuss trends, methods, solutions and experiences. The focus is on tackling the common challenges of digitalization and a changing culture in research and development.

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Experience-sharing platform for the pharmaceuticals industry

Automotive Circle

A meeting place for the automotive industry

A recurring, exclusive industry networking event for decision-makers in the fields of vehicle development to discuss projects, methods, solutions and experiences. Digitalization and a changing research and development culture are key challenges participants want to address jointly.

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A meeting place for the automotive industry

Contribute your ideas!

Do you have a suggestion in the context of co-creation you would like to share with us? We would love to hear about your thoughts and are looking forward to speaking with you.

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