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Finally a solution that scales along with your organization

The flexible cplace platform is the foundation of every cplace solution: it provides you with a comprehensive toolbox for creating and dynamically customizing fit-for-purpose business applications with exceptional speed.

cplace architecture

Because adapting, combining or expanding the cplace software modules is so easy, you can build your own solution in record time. In addition to these building blocks and ready-to-use Solution Templates and Premium Apps, the platform also equips you with the right tools for agile application development, no matter whether you are a business specialist without any coding experience, or a well-versed software developer.

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Product Overview

The No-Code, Low-Code and Pro-Code development models enable anyone to customize cplace for their organization's needs, and to dynamically respond to new market conditions at any time. This means you are always one step ahead of your competition.

We are happy to support you in your cplace development projects and are always at your disposal - together with our network of experts. 

The cplace platform generates value quickly and continuously

Thanks to numerous integration options, cplace fits seamlessly into your existing system environment. Using the authorization scheme, you can control data access with high precision while tracking information flows at any time through stringent versioning. Meeting even the strictest compliance requirements is easy with cplace.

Be the architect of your own solution

Learn more about the ways cplace supports agile application development, looking at it from the perspective of a cplace user. What is your persona? Concept Clara? Or Dev Daniel? Take a look at our info graphic to find out more, and discover the world of opportunities offered by cplace.

Concept Clara

No-Code – implement up to 70% of your app requirements without any coding

Instant-use components, such as wikis, calendars, tablets, Gantt schedules or an agile board, can be used and combined intuitively to create custom dashboards that can be further individualized using drag-and-drop visualization elements. This way users can build their own applications from existing modules.

There is a huge repertoire of available components and customization options. In most cases, up to 70% of the given requirements can be implemented directly, without requiring any coding skills. This No-Code approach makes all changes effective and available instantly (i.e. without requiring a deployment procedure). Of course, all read and write access privileges can be controlled individually and precisely to direct the solution development efforts as needed.

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Low-Code – Automate processes and map business logic with just a few lines of new code

Equipped with the cplace Low-Code tools and a host of ready-to-use components, you can define and automate entire processes with minimal coding effort and in real time – no software deployment necessary. cplace Workflow Manager supports you in designing, defining, implementing and automating processes. Create compelling reports in a variety of export formats for the MS Office family of applications using the cplace Office Reporting App. The Low-Code approach also lets you perform validations, define conditions, or create professional-looking visualizations.

Webinar: Low-Code Wizard

Macro Mike
Dev Daniel

Pro-Code – Your imagination is the limit

Using cplace means having full access to the source code. The Pro-Code approach is a powerful way to build comprehensive customizations and create entirely new, user-defined solutions. Even after implementing 90% of typical business requirements using No-Code and Low-Code development, writing new code – called 'Pro-Code’ development – is your guarantee that your software will be scalable and future-ready so you can continue customizing it in response to new situations and needs.

Pro-Code is the only approach that requires the skills of professional software developers; all other adaptations can be made directly by the business user team itself using Now-Code and Low-Code. This means you can focus your professional developer resources where they are really needed so you will be ready at any time to face new challenges and respond dynamically to new situations.

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