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cplace for production and manufacturing

Make Production Processes More Efficient and Optimize Workflows

With cplace, industrial companies take the step to Next-Generation Project and Portfolio Management. cplace enables more efficient production and manufacturing processes and improves collaboration between departments – for more productivity and profitability!

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These Industrial Companies Trust in cplace

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In our business, we depend on perfect ‘time to performance’, which means positioning the most efficient product in the market at exactly the right time because tires are seasonal business. cplace gives us excellent support in achieving this.

Dr. Steffen Förster
Head of IT Competence Center R&D Tires
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Processes and Workflows in Industry Are Becoming Increasingly Complex

Industrial companies face a variety of challenges: complex supply chains and production processes, resource and cost control, while ensuring high product quality. To remain competitive and achieve long-term success, industrial companies must continuously adapt to changing conditions. Agile and flexible software solutions like cplace help optimize production and manufacturing processes and make workflows more efficient. 


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Increase productivity

Industrial companies must continuously improve the efficiency of their production processes. This includes identifying bottlenecks, optimizing workflows, reducing waste, and increasing productivity.

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 Complex workflows

A wide range of suppliers, materials, and components need to be managed to ensure everything is available on time and in the right quantities. This requires effective planning, coordination, and monitoring to avoid bottlenecks and delays.

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Ensure quality

Ensuring product quality is a key competitive advantage. Companies must implement quality control procedures to detect and correct defects early. This can minimize scrap, rework, and customer complaints.

What cplace Can Do for You

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Increase Efficiency

cplace facilitates collaboration between different departments, companies and suppliers. Consistent databases, customized workflows, and a role and authorization system enable a streamlined and efficient development.

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Increased Transparency

cplace provides real-time information on project status, resource availability and progress. This keeps everyone involved on the same page and enables them to make the right decisions at any time.

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Risk Management

cplace provides early warning systems and risk analysis and offers processes for risk mitigation and control processes to avoid unforeseen issues.

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More Flexibility

With cplace, employees can design their own digital working environment. Users can change and modify without any programming knowledge. cplace also offers integration options in the existing system landscape.

Product Highlights

Centralized data storage, role and rights concept

Permissions and Versioning

cplace meets the requirements for centralized data storage, role and rights concepts, data and information security, and support and maintenance capabilities.

cplace CCP facilitates cross-company collaboration

Cross-Company Planning

cplace CCP facilitates cross-company collaboration in multi-tier supply chains. External partners and suppliers can be integrated into the company’s own planning.

The Workflow Manager supports users in digitizing and automating business processes

Workflow Manager

The Workflow Manager supports users in digitizing and automating business processes. Business logics and processes can be mapped and implemented in cplace with little effort.

Success Stories of Our Customers

cplace MTU schedule management Success Story

MTU modernizes its schedule management

Find out in this case study how MTU Aero Engines uses cplace to coordinate its complex projects between different teams at all locations.

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Risk Manager

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