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Enterprise Governance

Trust Center

Trust is the foundation of all relationships.

cplace is revolutionizing project management technology and changing the way people and organizations collaborate on complex projects. Successful collaboration requires security and trust. We understand how large enterprises work and their operational, compliance and security requirements.

cplace Glossary

cplace – Security and Compliance for Large Enterprises

With commitment and passion, cplace is constantly evolving to provide all users with an innovative, high quality and secure software solution.

Enterprise Level Data Security and Compliance

cplace ensures that sensitive project data is protected from unwanted access at all times.

  • cplace offers comprehensive management of users, groups and permissions as standard.
  • Access can be provided via Single Sign-On (SSO) (optional).
  • Identity management is usually handled via directory services (LDAP, Active Directory) and standardized procedures (e.g. SCIM).
  • Uniform and consistent versioning of data records and their historization ensure the traceability and retraceability of data changes. This helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements, audits, and reviews.
  • Compliance with DSGVO-compliant data protection standards is guaranteed at all times with cplace.
  • Regular penetration tests according to the recognized OWASP standard (Open Web Application Security Project) effectively prevent security gaps.
Sensitive project data is protected from unwanted access at all times.


cplace meets the highest standards of information security and quality management and as a Collaboration Factory product has been certified and tested as follows.

With the TISAX certification, we provide proof of compliance with certain standards for information security in the automotive industry.

With the international standard for information security management ISO 27001, we ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in all cplace products and services.

The ISO 9001 certification confirms the reliability and quality of all cplace products to our customers and partners. We have demonstrated that we have implemented strict quality control procedures to ensure continuous improvement, internal efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Hosting and Resilience

cplace offers several options for operating in the cloud:

Companies that choose hosting in the cplace cloud can deploy their cplace solution immediately. The cplace team takes care of the setup and regular updates and upgrades, so that companies can fully concentrate on their projects. The cplace Cloud is hosted in three ISO 27001 certified locations.

Of course, cplace can also be hosted in a private cloud. The cplace Operator, a process automation tool, reduces the effort required to set up the infrastructure and simplifies its operation. balancing.

The reliability of running cplace instances is ensured by a possible multi-node operation with failover as an important functional component of cplace. In multi-node operation, separate cplace instances run on separate servers to ensure failover and load.

Cloud deployment options and resiliency of running cplace instances.


cplace has its own Competence Center, consisting of trained employees from the areas of development, design and quality assurance, who ensure that our solution is barrier-free. The goal is for the cplace platform to be perceived and used by everyone, including people with disabilities and other physical limitations.

cplace goes one step further: Based on the Figma UI, the current design will also be made available to cplace customers and partners so that their own solutions based on the platform can also be made accessible.

Equal opportunities for all users & good usability

Compliance and Ethics

Our daily actions are based on the trust our customers, partners and employees place in us and on our high ethical standards. Our values and compliance rules provide the guidelines for our day-to-day business.

Our Values

Acting on our values is the foundation of our success. They guide how we treat our customers, our partners and each other.

  • Appreciation
  • Commitment and Transparency
  • Innovation and Sustainability

are our foundation. But also to every single person who contributes to our cplace ecosystem every day.

Learn more about our values on our career pages
Acting on our values is the foundation of our success.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct provides a set of guidelines to help us act in accordance with our high standards of integrity and applicable laws and regulations. It helps our employees make the right decisions and do the right thing in a variety of situations.

Our Code of Conduct reflects our core values and helps define who we are and what we stand for, how we treat each other and our partners and customers, and how we expect to be treated by them.

Code of Conduct
Guidelines we follow

Our Training Program

Our compliance training program educates employees about company-wide rules, values and behavioral expectations while encouraging open and honest discussions. Training covers the following topics:

  • Code of Conduct
  • Information Security & GDPR
  • Copyright issues
  • Occupational Safety
  • Quality Management
Training & awareness for our team

Whistleblowing System

Compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies is a top priority.

Concerns or complaints can be reported confidentially through the cplace whistleblowing system. The platform is managed by an external service provider. It helps us address suspected fraud, abuse and other misconduct that we believe is unethical or violates policies or laws. This supports our Compliance Policy and Code of Conduct, as well as workplace safety.

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Focus on compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies.

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