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Maximum Efficiency

Get to Your First Ready-To-Use Solution in Record Time

With cplace, we are revolutionizing the way project and portfolio management software solutions are designed from the first impulse to the finished solution.

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Get to Your First Ready-To-Use Solution in Record Time

Creating a mock-up in Excel is now like using a fax machine. No one can get around No-Code and Low-Code anymore. cplace empowers its users to do just that and ensures that creative solutions emerge in the shortest possible time.

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Added value

cplace combines the best of both worlds of standard and custom software: pre-built solution modules and a scalable, flexible platform.

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You define the collaboration model between you, us and the community.

Efficient co-design

Efficient co-design

Turn your people into champions and co-creators of change.

The cplace way

Why You Should Work with Us

PPM meets No-code and Low-code

  • Free yourself from shadow IT with modern approaches and methodologies.
  • Get a ready-to-use solution tailored to your processes in record time.
  • Discover unlimited customization possibilities with No-Code, Low-Code and Pro-Code.
Discover the cplace platform
PPM meets no-code and low-code

Learn quickly with tangible prototypes

  • Leverage iterative approaches and continuous feedback loops.
  • Experience tangible sub-solutions through proof of concept (PoC) and minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Benefit from continuous development towards a customized solution.
  • Easily adapt to changing requirements and conditions.
Learn quickly with tangible prototypes

A ready-to-use solution in five days

  • Our cplace Design Sprint is a guarantee for success.  
  • On day 1, a team of business, IT and service providers develops the target picture.   
  • On days 2-4 iterative solution design and continuous feedback takes place.  
  • Day 5 is all about a ready-to-go solution and a high level of engagement and commitment.
A ready-to-use solution in five days

New perspectives through co-creation

  • Strengthen collaboration between business and IT. 
  • No product or vendor dependency. 
  • Acquire essential skills for the modern workspace. 
  • Share experiences and best practices across companies and industries. 
  • Exclusive networking and events on cutting-edge topics and trends. 
Learn more about co-creation
New perspectives through co-creation

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How is cplace different from traditional project management solutions?

cplace is the platform for Next-Generation Project and Portfolio Management. Thanks to its PPM technology, cplace becomes a game changer and differs significantly from other conventional PM solutions by enabling truly contemporary project-oriented work. cplace is flexible, adaptable and combines different methods and data worlds. A modular toolkit creates individual solutions in record time according to the mix & match principle. Live adaptability also enables cplace to react quickly to changes.

Is there trial version of cplace?

Please feel free to contact our sales team directly. 

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What happens after the cplace demo?

After an initial demo, we dive into the cplace platform together and record your individual requirements.

In the next step we will present you with a customized demo that addresses your specific use case.

Once you are convinced by cplace, we offer you two options: Either we start with a detailed requirements workshop to get to know each other in an interactive first step, or we start immediately with a Proof of Concept (PoC) or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

In close cooperation with you, we implement the first elements of your desired solution directly in cplace.

Are you ready to revolutionize your project and portfolio management?

The software solution for Next-Generation Project and Portfolio Management