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Jira Connector

Seamless Integration and Maximum Efficiency

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Inefficient data exchange, manual processes, limited reporting, and lack of collaboration between teams and departments can lead to demotivated employees. Lack of efficiency and visibility leads to poor strategic decisions and jeopardizes the long-term success of the business.

Many companies rely on Jira for agile software development. At the same time, they use cplace to manage research and development processes to address complex project and portfolio management challenges.

However, a lack of integration between the two solutions leads to many problems. Data stored in isolated systems cannot be used efficiently. As a result, decisions are based on invalid information. Manual data exchange between the two systems is time-consuming and error prone.

The cplace Jira Connector is an out-of-the-box solution that seamlessly connects Jira with your cplace instances – on the fly, without any software customization in the Pro-Code.


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Whether classic or agile, each team works in its own environment, but everyone shares the same data

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Automated processes reduce errors to a minimum, resulting in streamlined processes and greater accuracy

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Encrypted communications protect sensitive data and ensure its confidentiality and integrity


Digital collaboration

By effectively overcoming software boundaries, you can ensure consistent, efficient, and fully digital collaboration

Real-time updates

The cplace Jira Connector supports bi-directional data transfer so that changes are available in both systems in near real-time

Hybrid Project Management

The connection between cplace and Jira enables true hybrid project management and allows agile teams to be integrated into larger projects and strategic goals


The connector has the necessary knowledge of Jira and cplace semantics and is familiar with the specific data structures and processes of both systems

Single Source of Truth

Connecting cplace and Jira allows all involved teams to work with the same data, ensuring data accuracy and eliminating data silos

Protected data transfer

The implementation of special security protocols ensures the protected transfer and processing of sensitive data between cplace and Jira

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