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Rapid solution development without writing code

cplace: The Ultimate Development Platform for Citizen Developers

Individual Customization with cplace

One Development Platform – Many Possibilities

Digitalization generates new software needs in enterprises on a daily basis. How can IT departments cope with this growing demand?

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cplace lets business users develop their own solutions within record time, often without requiring programming skills.

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Business departments can directly customize their existing cplace solutions themselves.

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Live Modifications

All users can immediately experience the effects of changes during ongoing operations.

Citizen Development with cplace

Business users become co-creators. The software they help create will enjoy unmatched acceptance and user buy-in.

Citizen Development with cplace with No-Code, Low-Code und Pro-Code

Customize cplace Individually – Even without Programming Knowledge

A company’s citizen developers will significantly reduce the burden on the IT department. According to a Forrester study, 39% of companies are already using Low-Code for this purpose, and another 27% plan to do so during 2023.

Business users working with cplace can create and customize entire software solutions themselves, often without needing advanced coding skills. In-house, without involving external providers.

Business users are more familiar with their teams’ needs and processes than anyone else. Involving them in the software development process accelerates the digital transformation while freeing up urgently needed IT resources. Adjustments are made in the system interface and take effect immediately – during operation.

Only cplace offers the unique combination of No-Code, Low-Code, and Pro-Code, allowing companies to meet any software requirement. Every customization takes place within defined guidelines in the standard, making upgrades and updates no longer an issue.

More than 70% of typical software requirements in major enterprises can be met relying solely on No-Code.


Customize and Configure Solutions Using No-Code

Create business software without writing a single line of code? The No-Code development environment in cplace lets you do it with ease. Business users can take action themselves when they need new software features. Putting the development into their own hands results in better software solutions within less time. Forget about lengthy specification write-ups and statements of work!

Who Can Do No-Code?

Anyone who knows how to work with Excel or PowerPoint can do No-Code. There is no need for programming skills.

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How Does No-Code Work?

No-Coders can choose from a wide range of pre-configured layout elements and apps to create pages in cplace including tables, charts, document galleries, text components and many other layout options.  They can also assemble and configure dashboards.

Using easy-to-understand visual tools, user interfaces can be built and customized quickly and easily, then populated with live data by the users themselves. The integrated access rights management system makes sure layout designs are created within the defined framework of rules, avoiding uncontrolled and rogue development activities.

cplace equips team members, regardless of their programming skills, with the precise tools and the flexibility needed to swiftly and cost-effectively transform software requirements into reality.

Lukas Niemeyer
Key Account Manager cplace | QuinScape GmbH
Lukas Niemeyer von QuinScape, Key Account Manager cplace

Creating and Extending Custom Solutions Using Low-Code

For all those with a certain technical expertise who would like to implement additional software customizations and extensions, cplace offers a comprehensive Low-Code environment. Low-Coders can create custom solutions and add-ons to existing apps.

Who Can Do Low-Code?

Low-Coding is for business users who have some technical expertise without actually being software developers. They have basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and/or HTML and feel motivated to help resolve issues through software.

Macro Mike individualizes cplace through code snippets.

What Can Low-Code Accomplish?

  • Business logic and workflows (“when this happens, it will trigger that”)
  • Automation: Automated validity checks of data entries and automated action triggering
  • Interactive dialogs and user prompts
  • Smart reporting
  • Sophisticated visualizations

In addition, cplace offers numerous Low-Code apps that can be configured and customized by technically experienced business users, e.g. Office Reports, Workflow Manager, Forms Wizard and many more.

90% of typical software requirements in enterprises can be met within cplace using No-Code and Low-Code.

Meet Any Software Requests Using Pro-Code

cplace provides the most sophisticated developers with the means to immerse themselves in program code and create custom-tailored solutions from scratch. By giving them access to the source code, comprehensive development tools and a host of integration options, cplace lets them seamlessly link its functionalities with other software, develop custom solution components, or adapt existing cplace software to cater to specific needs.

Dev Daniel can realize all software requirements in cplace - with Pro-Code.

Why Citizen Development with cplace?

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Fast results

From business users to experienced developers, cplace empowers all users to implement digitalization projects rapidly and fulfill emerging software needs promptly.

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cplace maps out a wide range of development options to cater to the varying requirements of individual enterprises.

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Scaling cplace

From small apps through to enterprise-wide solutions, cplace provides companies with the right software at the right time.

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Based on a common platform, a diverse set of applications can be deployed for use by different user groups.

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User acceptance

cplace lets users themselves design the apps that help them get their work done.

Save costs with no-code and low-code

Saving costs

cplace helps companies save on costly IT resources by letting business users make minor software modifications themselves.

No Time for Your Own Development Projects? No Problem!

Contrary to many other No-Code/Low-Code platforms, cplace doesn’t force you to start from scratch. Our solution toolkit provides you with proven solution components you can use directly and/or customize whenever there is a need.

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