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cplace: Unearth the Power of Citizen Development!

Citizen Development is like a hidden treasure

Everyone talks about it, few truly understand how to unearth its value, many believe others have already found it. Join us for a talk where we’ll demystify this critical topic, providing clarity in a market-dominating field, especially tailored for decision-makers.

Need for Citizen Development

In the ever-evolving world of Project Portfolio Management (PPM), the need for Citizen Development options has never been more urgent. The era of “one size fits all” is long gone. Our speakers will not only shed light on this vital subject but also offer clear recommendations on where to begin. Discover the right topics, projects, people, and essential skills required for success. Learn which technologies serve as the foundation for Citizen Development.

Potential of Citizen Development for your business

As Citizen Development gains traction within organizations, new questions arise. How do you establish the right governance for Citizen Development? What are the key rail guards to set? Join us to explore these crucial topics and unearth the potential of Citizen Development for your business.

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