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Solution Templates

Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

Work in a more agile, transparent and collaborative way towards common goals

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Objectives and Key Results (OKR) - Header

Communicate strategic goals clearly and easily

The cplace Solution Template Objectives and Key Results (OKR) efficiently supports the management framework of the same name in your company.

The key to this success of the methodology? Transparency, communication and active participation of all employees. As the digital home of the entire OKR organization, the Solution Template provides an information and collaboration hub where companies can clearly and easily communicate their strategic goals while capturing the tasks and projects of the teams that feed into them. 

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Many options

Using the Solution Template, set leads can prepare, reconcile, execute, evaluate and archive each OKR set. This comprehensive functionality contributes to the efficient design of the OKR process.

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Employees contribute collaboratively to the development of new sets and always have an overview of interfaces with other teams and the current degree of progress of the individual Objectives and Key Results. 

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Direct handshake

Instead of an isolated solution, this solution template fits seamlessly into the existing cplace solution landscape. It enables a direct handshake with operational task and project management in the teams.

Product Highlights

Overview for all

All team members can see the content and status of the OKR sets at any time.

OKR - Overview for all

Strategy made transparent

An overview of the corporate roadmap aligns team members on common goals.

OKR - Strategy made transparent

Progress at a glance

Set leads find all relevant KPIs centrally in their personal dashboard.

OKR - Progress at a glance


Icon Target Check


Visual communication of common goals

Icon Magnifying Glass


Content and ownership in one central location

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Easy integration of team members

Icon Graph Bar Increase

 Progress tracking

Clear visualization with Progress Indicators

Screen Icon

Personal dashboards

Relevant KPIs and tasks at a glance

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Meeting Organization

Planning and preparing for OKR events

Icon Clock Setting 71

Process support

Methodology in control with manuals and checklists

Icon Rewind Clock

Review preparation

Automatically generated slide decks

Icon Archive Box

Archive view

Documentation of past OKR cycles


Involved Partner

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  • Type: Solution Template 
  • Category: Corporate Management 
  • Languages: DE, EN 
  • License: Professional, Enterprise Board 
  • Developer: collaboration Factory AG and QuinScape GmbH 
  • Compatibility: cplace 5.20+

What’s Inside?

  • Premium Applications: Enterprise Board 
  • Standard Applications: Visual Domain Model, Landing Page 
  • Platform capabilities: Low-Code Automation, Visualisierungen, Rollen & Berechtigungen 
  • Demo Use Case: available 

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