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Enterprise Board

Integrate agile task management into hybrid planning worlds

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Your solution for agile task management – and even more: Teams can define the underlying methodology (e.g. Scrum or Kanban), the business unit and the content managed in the board (e.g. tasks or measures) as it works best for them. Both the columns and the swimlanes can be customized as required. 

By linking the board content with elements of the classic planning world (e.g. tasks or milestones) on the same platform, cplace enables true hybrid project management at enterprise level. 


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Versatile Applications

From agile task management to shopfloor and campaign management

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Method Mix

Use of any agile methods and combination with classic approaches

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Customized Views

Display individual boards and add validations and workflows

Product Highlights

The benefits of the Enterprise Board are numerous, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Added value is created, for example, by replacing physical task boards and digitizing processes. Corporate goals from higher-level scheduling in cplace can be broken down and managed in an agile manner in the board. This way, links to central, strategic planning are retained, agile teams are not restricted in their working methods, and hybrid models are supported in a targeted manner.

Enterprise Board


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Versatile configuration options allow you to address a wide range of use cases  

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A comprehensive authorization concept allows flexible use of the Enterprise Board 

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Visualization of campaign management, sales funnel, digital store floor management or Kanban boards 


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