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CURVES by Tiba Tech

Efficient cost, resource and capacity planning with CURVES

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Use CURVES to map when and how much costs or efforts are incurred. The premium app can be used in a wide variety of domains – from cost to resource to capacity planning. Any numerical information can be evaluated and displayed via a time axis. Time-based information is broken down graphically and in tabular form, adapted to your data model.


Icon Calendar Mark 9

Working Time Calendar

Provide working and non-working times for capacity and resource planning

Icon Content Statistic

Variety of Visualizations

Better overview with the help of various diagram options and freely selectable colors

Icon Magic Wand


Generic, flexibly configurable CURVES widget for a variety of use cases


CURVES enables the presentation of various types of project information with different time scales in a consistent overview. This way, project managers gain an overview of costs, resources, and capacities and any other kind of numeric information on a time scale in their projects. CURVES efficiently complements your existing cplace data model and provides a better overview of two important aspects of the magic triangle: Time and costs.

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