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Premium Application

Visual Roadmap

Plan, visualize and communicate strategic and operational ventures intuitively

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Premium Application Visual Roadmap

Roadmaps are used to effectively coordinate and manage projects and strategies. This is made possible by the clear presentation of all planning steps, provided that the presentation is adapted to the specific requirements of a project. Reducing complexity without leaving information gaps is important. 

The Premium Application Visual Roadmap is a visualization tool for operational and strategic business planning and communication. It facilitates the successful management of roadmaps in various areas such as product development, release planning, go-to-market strategies, project management, portfolio overview and innovation support. The visualization is individually configurable and supports a variety of use cases. It can be flexibly adapted to each user’s way of working. It transforms data and processes into easy-to-understand representations and offers user-centric interaction options for intuitive operation. Thanks to its clear design, even complex interrelationships can be communicated efficiently. This enables fast and well-founded decisions. 

Icon Magnifying Glass

Data Exploration

Grouping and drill-down for structured data exploration

Icon 3d Scale 11


Mapping of key features and milestones for maximum knowledge gain

Icon Magic Wand


No-code and low-code configuration for adaptation to a wide range of use cases

This Premium Application was developed by

GTV - Gesellschaft für Technische Visualistik mbH Logo

Product Highlights

With the Premium Application Visual Roadmap, all components of a plan can be captured at a glance. Leverage enterprise data from multiple sources to streamline processes, identify bottlenecks and achieve goals. Easy-touse configuration enables multiple use cases with a single application. 

Premium Application Visual Roadmap


Icon AI Edit Spark


Using no-code and low-code, any number of variants of the Visual Roadmap can be created without any prior knowledge.

Icon Lightbulb On

Maximum Knowledge Gain

Properties can be visualized using color, shape, and icons. Identify patterns and relationships, track progress and status, and highlight key information.

Icon Arrow Cursor 1

Efficient Navigation

Stakeholders can easily drill down from an overview to detailed information to quickly gain accurate insights without losing context.

Icon Application Widget

Optimal Flexibility

Data can be viewed flexibly: Top Down, Bottom Up, and Middle Out. Flexible customization of displayed data types and groupings.

Icon Hierarchy 2

Visually Structured

Structure plans effortlessly thanks to aggregation, grouping and drill-down features

Icon Arrow Crossover Right


Display real-time data in your personal Visual Roadmap through a lightweight interface

Icon Download File 64


Communicate with external stakeholders with the help of the export to various file and print formats



  • Category: Project Management, Roadmapping
  • Developer: GTV – Gesellschaft für Technische Visualistik mbH

Required Licenses

The use of this Premium Application is subject to license and requires the cplace platform Professional or higher.

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