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Committee Manager

More transparency and efficiency in the communication of committee contents, resolutions and tasks

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Header - Gremienmanager

Collaborative and transparent decision making

The cplace Committee Manager is your tool to manage, execute, track and report on committee meetings and resulting decisions and tasks without additional manual effort. Freely configurable workflows and dashboards guide users through the process in an easy and understandable way. Coordinate committees and ensure a smooth flow of information between operational project work and project-relevant decisions.

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Collaborative & efficient

The cplace Committee Manager enables collaborative and efficient planning, execution, and follow-ups of committee meetings. It supports the efficient and transparent management of the entire meeting cycle.

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Efficient topic identification

All relevant documents and decisions are centrally available on one platform. Build-in workflows and dashboards increase the efficiency of issue identification and prioritization as well as of alignment and decision processes. 

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Transparent communication

Agendas, decisions, and resulting tasks are communicated transparently so that all parties can track the progress and results of the committee meetings. This makes it easier to determine the next steps.

Product Highlights

High flexibility

Bring your committees into the system with just a few clicks. You always have an overview of all session information.

Committee Manager - High flexibility

Retrieve information quickly

All meetings, decisions, assignments, and minutes are displayed in a clear and user-friendly manner.

Gremienmanager - Retrieve information quickly

Easy organization

Schedule a new meeting within seconds, while cplace automatically notifies all desired committee members of the new appointment.

Committee Manager - Easy organization

Efficient topic announcement

Share relevant topics and other meeting information with all people involved via easy-to-use function fields.

Committee Manager - Efficient topic announcement


Icon Mail Incoming

Mailbox for the committee

Central topic collection and coordination with presenters

Icon Calendar List

Agenda creation

Planning at the push of a button with easy topic priorisation

Icon Multiple Stars


Visually supported guidance of the committee participants through the agenda

Icon Archive Box

Decision Archive

Easily accessible results documentation with export functionality and historization

Icon class Lesson


Agenda planning, cancellations, decisions, and minutes all in one place

Icon User Arrows Account Switch

Integrated work

Seamless connection to the operational project work



  • Category: Project Management
  • Entwickler: collaboration Factory AG with a premium automotive OEM 
  • Compatibility: cplace 23.2+ 


This Solution Template uses the cplace functionalities Landing Page, Office Reporting, Workflow Manager, Low-Code Automations, Visualizations, Visual Domain Model, Roles & Permissions.

Required Licenses

The free use of this Solution Template is based on the licensing of the following products:

  • cplace Platform: Professional or higher
  • Premium Application: Enterprise Board

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