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Digital Board

Agile task management for seamless collaboration

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Digital Board

Always up to date! Keep an eye on the tasks and progress of your business units. The cplace Solution Template Digital Board makes everyday teamwork more efficient by shortening communication channels and clarifying responsibilities. You see immediately when escalations occur, and team members are automatically informed. 

Everyone involved always has visibility into the progress of the project. This increases flexibility, agility, and transparency. Be more flexible, agile, and transparent! 

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Dynamic Digital Collaboration

With the cplace Solution Template Digital Board, enterprises can take the next step towards dynamic digital collaboration. It makes it easier for teams to communicate, collaborate, and plan their projects across team boundaries.

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Efficient Organization

It enables efficient self- and team-organization based on Kanban principles. Companies can centrally store digital work plans, providing a unified system for all employees to access. This allows clear planning and prioritization of project and line tasks.

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Make Information Available

The number of boards is unlimited, and entries can be linked through stored workflows. So you can make the same information available to multiple departments on different boards. Conversely, teams can request help or report escalation needs.

Product Highlights

Clear Assignment of Tasks

Manage the people responsible for each task through a customizable landing page.

Digital Board - Clear Assignment of Tasks

Easy Self-Organization

Manage and prioritize tasks yourself while cplace keeps you informed of your overall progress.

Digital Board - Easy Self-Organization

Clear Responsibilities

See the status and responsibilities for boards and tasks at a glance.

Digital Board - Clear Responsibilities

Comprehensive Information

Each task card can be underpinned with additional details.

Digital Board - Comprehensive Information


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 No-Code and Low-Code Features

Map specific workflows with little programming skills 


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 Modern Collaboration

Digital collaboration across distributed teams and locations

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 High Transparency

Clear Kanban-style display and prioritization of tasks

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 Seamless Integration

Integration into complex project environments and organizations

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Cross-Linking Boards

Effortless coordination across team boundaries, even during escalations

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Aligned Teamwork

View one piece of information across multiple boards – everyone is on the same page 



  • Category: Project Management
  • Developer: collaboration Factory AG 
  • Compatibility: cplace 23.2+


This Solution Template uses the cplace functionalities Landing Page, Low-Code Automations, Visualizations, Visual Domain Model, Roles & Permissions.

Required Licenses

The free use of this Solution Template is based on the licensing of the following products:

  • cplace Platform: Professional or higher
  • Premium Application: Enterprise Board

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