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Team Level SAFe

Agile Teamwork in the SAFe Framework

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Team Level SAFe

Organizations are constantly faced with the challenge of managing large projects and the uncertainty that comes with them. Defining clear requirements and priorities prevents delays, wasted resources, and dissatisfied customers. Agile planning and breaking large projects into smaller pieces helps reduce complexity while increasing efficiency. 

The Solution Template addresses the relevant SAFe artifacts, in particular the product backlog consisting of user stories and enablers. In addition, the core value of transparency is maximized by referencing features and enablers at the ARTLevel and by visualizing cross-team dependencies between different user stories. The clear display of “Current Iteration”, “Next Iteration”, associated Planning Interval (PIs) and Team PI Objectives provides excellent support for Core Value Alignment. 

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Efficient management and implementation of team-relevant artifacts with a focus on agile values and principles according to SAFe

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Optimal support of ART execution (e.g., preparing PI planning, identifying and resolving dependencies, “apply cadence”)

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Efficiently report to management and stakeholders with intuitive graphical representations of timelines, dependencies, and potential conflicts

Product Highlights


The home page provides an overview of the team and key KPIs

Team Level Safe Homepage

PI Planning Board

The PI Planning Board allows you to plan and distribute stories across all possible PI iterations, define dependencies between stories and teams, and get a visual overview of the current PI.

PI Planning Board

Iteration Dashboard

The Iteration Dashboard provides the necessary information about the current iteration, especially statistics such as cumulative flow or burn-down charts.

Iteration Dashboard


During PI planning, PI goals can be set. All team members can vote on how confident they are that the goal will be met



This ensures that all backlog items are well described, appropriately sized, and ready for the team to work on in upcoming iterations or sprints



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Simple backlog handling provides an overview of all work items in the backlog with classification into story, enabler and maintenance, and the ability to drill down into features at the ART level

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Powerful visualizations

A Kanban board is used to manage and control all features in a clear view. The roadmap shows program increments (PIs) with releases, SAFe milestones, features and their time dependencies on a timeline

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Capacity planning

Gain full visibility into team availability in hours or man-days. Effort is converted into story points based on individual experience values

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Capacity Allocation

It enables product owners to guide the teams’ focus and sharpen it together with the teams from iteration to iteration

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Focus on both the individual needs of an employee and the agile maturity of the entire team

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Modular design

Allows for harmonious growth with the organization, up to expansion levels from Essential-SAFe to Portfolio-, Large-Solution-, and Full-SAFe configurations

In collaboration with

cplace Partner: Demicon



  • Category: Agile Development, Scaled Agile Framework 
  • Developer: collaboration Factory AG and demicon GmbH
  • Compatibility: cplace 23.2+


This Solution Template uses the cplace functionalities Landing Page, Personal Dashboard, Low-Code Automations, Visualizations, Visual Domain Model.

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  • Premium Application: Enterprise Board

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