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Continuous Improvement Process by Le Bihan Consulting

Continuous improvement of product, process, and service quality

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Continuous Improvement Process by LeBihan

The Solution Template Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) is a management methodology designed to promote continuous improvement in an organization. It empowers different roles to work on improvement activities. It also provides a structured framework with a consistent database to encourage organizations to improve the way they work.

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Easy to use

An easy-to-understand interface ensures quick learning and lays the foundation for successful navigation

Icon class Lesson

Single Source of Truth

Centralized data management allows users to manage all improvement activities from concept to execution

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Centralized guidelines

Policies and processes, such as the Plan-Do-Act-Check, ensure the correct application of methods and philosophies

Product Highlights

Ideas, evaluation, and measures

Detailed view of ideas, their evaluation and corresponding actions

Improve the Warehouse Layout

PDCA Cycle

Exemplary PDCA Cycle and it’s associated phases

PDCA Cycle


Exemplary 5S-Action


Increase productivity

Exemplary Campaign and corresponding ideas

Increase productivity

Automatic visualization

Personal Dashboard view with self-created open problems, ideas and actions

Automatic visualization


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From 5S actions to idea campaigns and PDCA cycles

Icon Business Handshake


Collaborative involvement of all employees in the continuous improvement process (CIP)

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Central CIP hub

Drive systematic and structured improvement initiatives throughout the organization

Icon Task List Edit

Customizable improvement activities

Broad spectrum seamlessly guides users through different CIP methodologies

Icon Collaborations Idea

Helpful tool guides

Issues identified in one phase can be seamlessly transferred to the next phase

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Reliable information

Dashboards and reporting options to analyze and evaluate management KPIs



  • Category: Project Management 
  • Developer: Le Bihan Consulting GmbH
  • Compatibility: cplace 23.3+


This Solution Template uses the cplace functionalities Low-Code Automations, Visualizations, Visual Domain Mode, Roles & Permissions.

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