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Enterprise Scheduling


Integrate product and process data into your project scheduling 

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Integrate real-time data into your project scheduling, even if it is not a milestone or activity. The Gantt Timebox connects the project world with the process and product world and thus offers a 360° view of all information in a common project plan. For example, component information, maturity levels, user stories and much more can be integrated with real-time data into the hybrid project schedule.

The Gantt Timebox is part of cplace Enterprise Scheduling.


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Hybrid Project Planning

Integration of product and process data from different systems into the project world

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Up to Date

Integration of any information with live data into the scheduling process

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Transparent Planning

Comprehensive, central planning without manual rework


Project managers need a lot of information to be able to make decisions. However, this information is not always available in the format of a task or milestone.

cplace makes it possible to integrate this information with live data directly into project scheduling. Regardless of whether it is user stories directly from Jira or, for example, component information – it is seamlessly integrated into the planning and can be set in dependence to any other planning elements. This creates a complete planning overview without media breaks. 

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