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Resource Management

Flexible planning without rigid structures

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Resource Management with cplace

Available from Q2/2024


cplace Premium Application Resource Management offers modular individual modules that can be adapted to individual requirements using no- and low-code. All teams can work according to their own processes and best practices and still benefit from an enterprise-wide, consolidated resource management.

Inflexible and overloaded standard tools are a thing of the past. Software-based resource management should be future-proof. Increased efficiency and reduced management effort ultimately lead to cost savings. In this way, investments are made as sustainable as possible.


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Mix & Match

A customized feature set that can be adapted to changing needs

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Mix of methods

Supports any team, whether using traditional, agile, or hybrid planning approaches

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Identify bottlenecks early and take timely action with intuitive UI/UX

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Single Source of Truth

A common database as a foundation that can be adapted to all individual requirements with no-code

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Use Case Management

Define your own workflows with Demand and Allocation

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Visibility across cost centers, organizational units, and locations. Flexible organization of resources in different hierarchies


Premium Application Resource Management transforms and optimizes your project and portfolio management: The cplace modular system adapts individually and continuously to your different processes and methods and protects your investment in the long term.

You plan and allocate your resources dynamically in real time – based on current and future project requirements. Traditional and agile approaches are combined in one tool, resulting in a significant increase in project efficiency. All data is always available in the quality you need. Dangerous point solutions and an invalid database are a thing of the past.

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