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Hybrid Scheduling

Classic or agile? – Classic AND agile!

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Klassisch oder agil?  – Klassisch UND agil!

Organizations are working on increasingly complex projects, typically across multiple teams and disciplines. Just as the project components are different, so are the planning and working methods. Traditional, linear project planning is increasingly being challenged by agile working methods. The lack of integration and visibility into project relationships leads to errors and painful delays. 

Hybrid Scheduling combines agile practices, which emphasize flexibility and incremental delivery, with waterfall scheduling methods, which are often required for projects with clear requirements and strict timelines.  

The cplace Solution Template Hybrid Scheduling acts as a bridge between the classic and agile worlds. It enables the integration of the timeline of agile workloads with classically planned project schedules. 

Relationships and dependencies between project milestones and agile planned content can be easily linked and viewed at any time based on live data. All stakeholders continue to work in their familiar world without losing sight of the big picture. 

An early warning system detects schedule inconsistencies in planning and provides timely information about conflicts so that appropriate action can be taken to avoid costly or image-damaging risks to the project. 

Icon Business Handshake

Best match

Handshake between traditional project world and agile product world

Icon Graph Bar Increase


Best balance between flexibility and predictability

Icon User Multiple Group

True team

Communicate and collaborate across teams and stakeholders

Product Highlights

Schedule overview

The schedule overview pages allow to export the relevant time schedules with a pre-set template as a PDF or PPT. It also is the starting point to jump into the Gantt.

Schedule overview


The Gantt chart shows the milestones and tasks of the project schedules. It also easy to spot the dependencies and quality gates in this screenshot. Furthermore, you can dig into the details of the required features for each Integration Milestone.


Centalized overview traditional project management

All critical information at a glance: The timeline that tracks program increments, releases, and SAFe milestones also provides visibility into the integration milestones required for program functionality.

Centalized overview traditional project management

Central overview agile project management

To understand and allow the connection between the SAFe Program and the classic Gantt, the template allows you to spot and classify the critical dependencies between both worlds. You are now able to spot the conflicts and gain the necessary transparency to resolve them.

Central overview agile project management


Icon Lightbulb On


The cplace Gantt Timebox visualizes and integrates agile work scopes and related schedule information in the context of project schedules

Icon Calendar List

Individual schedules

Project deadlines are clearly displayed to agile teams on their dashboards in the context of their own deadline tracking

Icon User Work Laptop

Personal dashboards

Plan inconsistencies between classic and agile are automatically detected and displayed to all stakeholders in their dashboards



  • Category: Enterprise Scheduling, Project Management, Scaled Agile Framework, Hybrid Project Management
  • Developer: collaboration Factory AG
  • Compatibility: cplace 23.3+


This Solution Template uses the cplace functionalities Landing Page, Low-Code Automations, Visualizations, Visual Domain Model.

Required Licenses

The free use of this Solution Template is based on the licensing of the following products:

  • cplace Platform: Professional or higher
  • Premium Applications: Enterprise Board, Enterprise Scheduling

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