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Full SAFe Suite

Agile scaling to enterprise

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Full SAFe

Companies face the challenge of investing heavily in digital and agile transformation, but implementation often falls short of expectations. A gap between executive and decision-making teams makes optimal coordination difficult. Complex, enterprise-wide tasks require an adaptation of agile principles, as they often go beyond the scope of a single ART and require additional roles, artifacts, and coordination. 

Full SAFe is the most comprehensive version of the Scaled Agile Framework and helps organizations build and develop complex products and solutions. It includes all the capabilities needed to drive agility in the enterprise. 

The cplace Solution Template Full SAFe Suite is the sum of all cplace solutions around the SAFe framework. It emphasizes the incremental release of solutions over a longer period of time and makes it easier for those responsible to scale agile practices in a growing team. The goal of comprehensively scaling agile practices at the enterprise level is improved collaboration and higher product quality, leading to faster time to market. 

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Modular structure

Modular structure, all SAFe levels can be used individually.

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Overview of the entire organizational structure is guaranteed at all times.

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Coexistence with Jira

Coexistence with Jira is possible, but not required.

Produkt Highlights


Provides an overview over all features of the ART. Important information like the number of open conflicts is highlighted on the top. In the Backlog capabilities can be broken down into features, refined, and finally prioritized to be ready for the PI Planning.

Full SAFe - ART-Backlog

Portfolio Lean Budgets Dashboard

Alows to get an overview over/manage all epic costs, budgets and the earned value.

Full SAFe - Portfolio Lean Budgets Dashboard

Portfolio Roadmap

Visualizes all Portfolio Epics over time together with relevant Milestones. Conflicts are highlighted.

Full SAFe - Portfolio Roadmap

Capability Breakdown

Tracability on every SAFe Level is ensured by having breadcrumbs (linking to parent artifacts) and a breakdown tab (linking to child artifacts) available.

Full SAFe - Capability Breakdown

ST Start Page

Each Solution Train, ART, Team has a dedicated start Page that displays the most important metrics and information about the respective SAFe Entity at a glance.

Full SAFe - ST Start Page

Team Current Iteration

The Current Iteration dashboard provides an overview over the progress of the current iteration. Besides all relevant Work Items it provides and overview of relevant (parent) features, PI Objetives and Dependencies.

Full SAFe - Team Current Iteration


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Comprehensive Program and Project Management

Full SAFe encompasses all levels of the Scaled Agile Framework and provides a structured method for planning, executing and managing programs and projects.

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Each SAFe function or role, whether product manager, software architect, or team member, is able to know where it stands at any given time for its corresponding “SAFe artifact” level.

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Step-by-Step Introduction

The introduction of SAFe into the organization can be gradual and flexible. From starting in small teams, to solution trains, to an interconnected, fully coordinated enterprise on the path to a successful agile and digital transformation.

The cplace Solution Template Full SAFe Suite combines the independent cplace Solution Templates 

  • Lean Portfolio Management 
  • Large Solution SAFe 
  • Essental SAFe 
  • Team SAFe 



  • Category: Agile Development, Scaled Agile Framework  
  • Developer: collaboration Factory  
  • Compatibility: cplace 24.1+  


This Solution Template uses the cplace functionalities Landing Page, Personal Dashboard, Low-Code Automations, Visualizations, Visual Domain Model.

Required Licenses

The free use of this Solution Template is based on the licensing of the following products:

  • cplace Platform: Professional or higher
  • Premium Application: Enterprise Board

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