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Premium App Comments by Tiba Tech

The constant exchange of information between teams and employees is essential to the success of any business. Information is shared every day, whether face-to-face or digitally.  

Issues are discussed, questions are answered and decisions are made. Communication also plays a central role in a system like cplace. Information must be transparent and exchangeable, regardless of whether it is used to manage projects or processes. 

With the Premium Application COMMENTS, comments can be easily written and clearly displayed. Comments can be enriched with additional documents and links and can be found quickly using the global search function. This ensures a complete overview and smooth digital information exchange. 


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Text within comments can be formatted in several ways.

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Add documents with additional information to comments.

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Links within the cplace solution, but also to external websites are possible.


Product Highlights

The Premium Application COMMENTS goes far beyond the standard comment widget. It allows you to easily format and add additional information. Comments can also be edited in other dashboards to facilitate collaborative interaction across multiple elements.

Premium App Comments

This premium application was developed by

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Comments as pages

Since comments are saved as separate pages, this ensures that they can be found during searches. 

Mention users

Use the @ sign to automatically highlight users or groups for easy identification.

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Lazy loading

Comments load gradually as you scroll, so pages load faster and performance improves.

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Centralized communication

Document queries and exchanges directly on the page in COMMENTS.

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Additional information

Add additional links and helpful documents to your comments. Keeps everything in one place for later reference.

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Personal views

Create custom dashboards that filter only the comments you want to see.

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