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Building Collaboration in Pharma R&D by Fostering a Culture of Trust, Empowerment, and Transparency

A bottom-up approach to empower individuals and teams

In the pharmaceutical industry, Roche has spearheaded a groundbreaking approach to team empowerment by embracing digitalization and fostering a culture of collaboration. Our speakers will dive into their remarkable strategies and the transformative power of their bottom-up approach, which empowers individuals and teams to drive pharmaceutical innovation.

cplace as a highly flexible Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) platform

One of the key elements in Roche’s journey is using cplace as a highly flexible project and portfolio management (PPM) platform. By leveraging cplace, Roche’s teams have the ability to develop and customize their own software, aligning it precisely with their needs and responding nimbly to user requirements. The adaptable platform allowed Roche to introduce Decision Maps as a co-creation project. Decision maps utilize visual diagrams to elucidate decision options and record the reasoning paths behind them. This novel initiative promotes transparency and enhances the understanding of decision-making processes within the organization. In addition to that, they have also added a knowledge management hub to the platform called the Oncology Hub.

Pioneering in corporate agility

Our speakers will share their experiences, insights, and an interim conclusion on Roche’s progress in departing from traditional command-and-control structures to a pioneer in corporate agility. We will also explore the acceptance of the new software platform and the adoption of innovative collaboration methods throughout the company.

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