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Tackling for a good cause

cplace Social Day 2023

Einsatz am Aktionstag Münchner Unternehmen

Munich, May 23th, 2023 – Get hands-on for people in underprivileged situations. The action day of Munich companies is intended to motivate employees to exchange their computer and desk for a paintbrush, hammer, saw or shovel for one day. True to the Bavarian motto “Des mach ma”, a cplace team once again volunteered to help out. 

This year, the Munich-based software provider had chosen an urban gardening project run by the LOK Arrival leisure center. The organization is advocating for children and young people with a migration background and organizes their free time with them. At the same time, young people who visit the Munich leisure center are to be made sensitized of sustainability and environmental protection.

The goal of the helping deed was to valorize the yard of LOK Arrival. Together, the cplace team renovated a garden shed and built raised beds from recycled materials such as fruit crates, empty tetra packs and plastic bottles. Even the very mixed weather did not spoil the moods of the helpers. Equipped with rain jackets, rain pants and rubber boots, they took up paintbrushes, buckets of paint, hammers and saws and helped to beautify the courtyard.

Raising awareness for social and ecological engagement 

The annual action day “Des mach ma” aims the mobilization and sensitization among as many Munich companies as possible for social and ecological commitment. With their commitment, these companies relieve the burden on charitable institutions, which often lack time and personnel.

The Munich scale-up enables its employees to engage in social activities as part of their work time. “We have been participating in the action day for many years because we want to make a charitable contribution,” explains Anke Spichale, Head of the People & Culture Team. In addition, the Corporate Volunteering Day also has a great effect on the company’s own employees: “We want to give our employees a change in perspective. It doesn’t harm to widen one’s horizons and leave one’s familiar surroundings or comfort zone for a day.”

The beauty of the Munich Companies Action Day is that everyone can lend a hand, Spichale continues. “Colleagues from all of our departments took part, from working students to management members.” At the same time, joint participation in the so-called Social Day strengthens the team structure within the company.

At the end of the day, the hard-working helpers were exhausted but happy. Everyone agreed that such a day of action is needed almost twice a year.

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