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Ready for tomorrow’s challenges, backed by a strong community

This is the place where tomorrow’s business solutions are built in record time. Because this is where best-of-class expertise accumulates – implementation skills, technology and methodology knowledge, business and process know-how.

Find the right top experts for your project, wherever you are working – with a manufacturer, customer or partner. Together we’ll take the combined scaling and innovation capabilities of our entire community to the next level. The game-changing technology: The cplace platform.  

Use the cplace platform to develop your custom business applications yourself at top speed while gaining access to ready-to-deploy solutions contributed by the community.  

cplace Partners

Dr. Thomas Kugler

“As a solution engineer, I am personally involved in many projects. In this role I continuously work together with our partners and customers. Time and again I feel satisfaction and excitement about success stories being told within the community, even when I haven’t been directly involved in the project.”

Dr. Thomas Kugler, Head of Solution Engineering, collaboration Factory AG

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The benefits of a strong community
Implementation capacity

Thanks to our network of partners we are able to implement even large, complex projects quickly and successfully.  

Expertise and innovation

Our ecosystem combines business know-how and the latest technology solutions, enabling our customers to achieve their objectives quickly.

Custom solutions

Our applications can be rolled out as quickly as standard software but are as flexible as custom solutions.


We continuously provide knowledge transfer and training and share best practices to ensure the quality of the platform and all of its solutions. 


The flexibility of the platform concept enables fast implementation of customizations.

Shared Source is in our DNA

Shared Source is in our DNA

How a community-based approach enables better business software

What does the cplace Shared Source ecosystem actually look like? How can the quality of the solutions shared across the community be assured reliably? How have community members experienced this ecosystem in recent years? Our two experts answer key questions revolving around the Shared Source concept for both, Shared Source professionals and novices.

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