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Vendor Management for Pharma

Covers all necessary functions for proper vendor management

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Vendor Management Pharma

The Solution Template Vendor Management for Pharma revolutionizes supplier interaction through a unified platform that standardizes processes and data storage. It improves supply chain responsiveness through a streamlined framework and provides a single source for vendor management. The solution supports multiple vendor definitions and technologies and eliminates information silos to ensure comprehensive tracking and optimized management of vendor data. It is a must-have for companies looking to improve supplier relationships and operational efficiency. 

It overcomes the fragmentation of information and documentation in disparate systems by centralizing data in a single, accessible database. It manages the complexity of supplier relationships, provides customizable categories and functionality, and ensures due diligence to improve visibility and compliance. 


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Process optimization

Streamlines vendor management processes 

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Compliance & due diligence

Ensures compliance and improves due diligence 

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Centralization and accessibility

Provides centralized, easy access to vendor data 

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Product Highlights

Audits Board

Search, check and manage audits centrally.

Vendor Management Pharma

Issues Board

Search, review and manage issues at one convenient location

Vendor Management Pharma

Vendor Details

See and manage the individual vendor details, statistics & tabs

Vendor Management Pharma

Vendor Management Dashboard

Overview of Vendors and their statistics in one convenient board

Vendor Management Pharma

Vendors Window

Vendors list and search – Details to be reviewed

Vendor Management Pharma


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Supplier Audit Workflow

Core of solution template manages status and related details

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Process workflow

Enables manual or automated handling of issues based on audit results

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Authorization Matrix

Allows you to assign different permissions to different employee and user groups

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Ensures compliance requirements are met

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Provides efficient search capabilities, easy tracking, and centralized data management accessible to all supplier representatives

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A solution that can be used by many different companies of different sizes and industries



  • Category: Portfolio Management 
  • Developer: Accenture GmbH 
  • Compatibility: cplace 24.2 


This Solution Template uses the cplace functionalities Low-Code Automations, Visualizations, Visual Design Model, Roles & Permissions, Attribute Dependencies. 


Required Licenses

The free use of this Solution Template is based on the licensing of the following products: 

  • cplace Platform: Professional or higher
  • Premium Applications: — 


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