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Business Development Partner of the Year 2023

QuinScape GmbH

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Partner Category

  • Consulting & Implementation Partner
  • Individual Development Partner
  • Solution & App Provider Partner
  • Strategic Business Partner
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  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Sector
  • Life Sciences
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cplace Team

  • 94 experts

Expertise and Services

  • Individual Software Development
  • Software Consulting and Implementation
  • Software Engineering
  • Data & Analytics Expert
  • Project and Portfolio Management
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About the Partner

QuinScape has over 20 years of experience in enterprise Java technologies. In their projects, the company joins forces with international market leading software platforms. For cplace on the German market, QuinScape holds the leading position. Customers of QuinScape are well known DAX 40 companies, market leading hidden champions and the public sector.

Located in Dortmund and Hannover over 200 IT-Experts work at QuinScape. The cplace team consists of around 94 members. With their striving for technological excellence, their process intelligence and passion for real innovation, they create great IT solutions. In every project QuinScape follows their Vision: “Noboby ever has to make bad decisions again.”


QuinScape GmbH

Wittekindstr. 30
44139 Dortmund

Contact Person

Lukas Niemeyer
+49 (0)170 4833 231
[email protected]

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