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cplace Day 2022

Driving Force for Next-Generation PPM

cplace Day 2022

Munich, October 24th, 2022 – Three pillars support the next generation of project management – technology, methodology and community – that was the quintessence of cplace Day 2022. Headlined “Where PPM Innovators Meet”, collaboration Factory once again hosted its conference on the topic of innovation in project and portfolio management. Leading companies from various industries provided insights into their project practice. The event was attended by around 800 domain experts, PM pioneers, customers and partners.

For the first time, the event was held in a hybrid format, a mix of digital and on-site. 120 of the total 800 participants came together live for the first time in two years, this time at München Hoch5 in the Werksviertel near Munich’s Ostbahnhof station. Digital attendees were able to follow the conference live in front of their screens via digital event platform.

collaboration Factory’s CEO Dr. Rupert Stuffer opened the day with his keynote “Don’t Manage Your Projects Like It’s 1999”, describing how the project management industry has not stood out for its innovative spirit over the past 20 years. In these times, it is most important that companies are able to accept the challenges today and in the future and make change possible with innovative solutions.

In addition to impulses from collaboration Factory on innovations, experiences and trends around project and portfolio management, five well-known customer companies also offered rare insights into their projects. Global players such as Canyon Bicycles, Continental Reifen Deutschland, Daimler Truck and F.-Hoffmann-La Roche showed how they became the designers of their own software solutions themselves – enabling more collaboration, speed and innovation in their companies. A panel discussion on the key factors of hybrid project management in large companies offered further insights from practice for practice.

The realization that Microsoft Excel is still the secret market leader in project and portfolio management united speakers and attendees. However, they all shared the desire for an adaptive PPM software solution that combines the flexibility of Excel with scalability and enterprise capability. Only in this way it will be possible to master the current challenges with the necessary speed.

The on-site participants were clearly pleased about the long-lost personal exchange. They were able to review the day’s presentations and network with like-minded people during a Ferris wheel ride together. But there were also a number of highlights for the digitally participants, such as a exclusive winetasting at the end of the day.

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