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For experienced cplace users in an administrative capacity

Low-Code Training

Learn how to develop specialist solutions in cplace as a Solution Developer. With Low-Code you can automatize processes and map business logics. In the training, you will gain basic knowledge about cplaceJS – the programming language with which you can flexibly extend your cplace solution.

The cplace Low-Code Training enables participants to independently implement functionalities with cplaceJS.
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Target group

Software Developer & Citizen Developer

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Self Learning + 3 days online training (in presence)

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3.150 €
excl. VAT per participant

Requirements and preparation

  • Participation in cplace No-Code training or completion of the e-learning before the classroom training
  • MS Office including MS Teams
  • Browser of your choice
  • Recommendation: second screen
  • Recommendation: basic knowledge of JavaScript


  • E-learning to prepare for the training (basics, No-Code and Low-Code)
  • Three days of online training (in presence)
    – Day 1: Introduction to cplaceJS (JavaScript in cplace)
    – Day 2: Highcharts and Office Reports
    – Day 3: Workflow Manager and Low-Code Wizard
  • Free use of the training environment for six months (including sample solutions)

Training Content

  • Low-Code Basics: Logging, Validators, Change Listener, automated sending of mails and notifications, Page Actions, manipulation of pages, Low-Code Button
  • Working on various tasks that build on each other for the application of cplaceJS
  • Data visualization with Highcharts
  • Creation of office reports
  • Creation of workflows with the Workflow Manager
  • Use and configuration of the Low-Code Wizard
  • Low-Code Best Practices

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Upcoming dates

The exact dates in the respective calendar week (CW) will be specified in time. The training duration is three days. You will find the respective registration deadlines (RD) in the brackets:

CW 10/24 (RD: 09.02.24)
CW 15/24 (RD: 08.03.24)
CW 20/24 (RD: 12.04.24)
CW 24/24 (RD: 10.05.24)
CW 32/24 (RD: 05.07.24)
CW 36/24 (RD: 02.08.24)
CW 39/24 (RD: 23.08.24)
CW 45/24 (RD: 04.10.24)
CW 50/24 (RD: 08.11.24)

Individual training slots by arrangement.

Organizer: QuinScape GmbH

3.150 Euro + excl. VAT per participant

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