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The cplace project and portfolio management solution toolkit

cplace Offers a Toolbox of Modular Solutions

Instantly ready for deployment to your project: The tried-and-tested project and portfolio solutions by cplace are instantly ready for deployment and can combined as needed. Expand your solution environment by mixing and matching apps as your process requires it.

cplace offers a toolbox of modular solutions
cplace Premium Applications

Premium Applications

Proven standards with an innovative twist: These powerful cplace products immediately integrate with any cplace instance to extend its functional range.

cplace Solution Templates

Solution Templates

Solution Templates kick-start your project. They are ready-to-use, best-practices-based models developed jointly with market-leading companies, experts, and partners.

cplace Connectors


Exchange data quickly and efficiently with standard software applications – at the click of a button! Easily interconnect company functions that work with different apps.

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These Premium Applications, Solution Templates, and Connectors are currently in high demand:

Premium App Ressourcenmanagement

Resource Management

Efficient, flexible, and future-proof resource planning and management.

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An Overview of the cplace Toolkit

cplace Toolkit

The cplace platform forms the common foundation and data basis for all cplace building blocks within the company. It also provides a toolbox to customize, connect, and expand these building blocks. This allows companies to combine cplace Premium Applications and Solution Templates according to their needs.

If desired, individual customer solutions are created based on this foundation, ‘created with cplace,’ for the perfect alignment between your requirements and your cplace solution world.

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Project ManagementProjektmanagement
Solution Template 
Collaborative Scheduling

The classic Gantt diagram with innovative extensions: Drill down into any planning element as deeply as necessary.

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Corporate ManagementProject Management
Solution Template 
Risk Manager

Identify, assess, and manage project risks through agile activity management and specific user guidance.

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Project ManagementProjektmanagement
Solution Template 
Hybrid Scheduling

Helps agile and traditional project management teams work together successfully.

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Solution Template 
Product Roadmap 

Support your entire product management lifecycle, from the initial idea through to end-of-life.

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Connect cplace with your company’s standard IT systems with a simple click – on the fly, without requiring software customization. Exchange data across applications securely and automatically.

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By virtue of its modular design, cplace can be custom-tailored to suit any individual use case. Customers may choose between the Professional and Enterprise editions of cplace and can add solution components as needed.

Review the cplace licensing table to learn more about cplace editions and optional solution components.

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cplace Toolkit: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I combine and interconnect individual cplace solutions as I see fit?

The cplace platform and data model allow you to combine and interlink any cplace solutions across your enterprise so they will all use the same data basis. This means you can define interrelationships between your company’s data points, interlink them and unlock their value. Data sets need to be maintained only once and can be kept current for use across many apps.

Will the Premium Applications be available with cplace immediately?

cplace Premium Applications are powerful cplace products available in addition to cplace Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition. Premium Applications can be flexibly integrated with your cplace solution environment at any time to expand its functional range as needed. Simply get in touch with us – our experts will gladly advise you at any time.

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Can I make changes to a Solution Template?

cplace Solution Templates provide proven solution strategies for known business challenges. They let you hit the ground running. Based on No-Code and Low-Code, they can be modified by business users on the fly at any time. You won’t need an external provider to customize the cplace Solution Template so it will fit your company and your processes.

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