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Unlocking Creativity

The Journey of building a Low-Code App

Identifying risks with foresight, addressing them transparently, and managing the resulting challenges effectively – this is the purpose of a new, innovative software solution at Porsche.

Creating an app using Low-Code technology in-house

Florian Worm and Marisa Ertl will take you on a journey, starting from the initial idea to the decision of creating an app using Low-Code technology in-house, ultimately leading to the development of a proprietary enterprise solution for risk management based on cplace.

Leveraging the power of Low-Code

The team turned their vision into a fully functional app that is used by over 2,000 employees. Our speakers give insights on how to deal with development challenges and how to leverage the power of Low-Code. Find out the story behind the team’s quest for empowerment, innovation, and the almost unlimited possibilities of citizen-driven development.

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