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Classic Project Management

cplace Glossary

What is Classic Project Management?

Classic project management refers to non-agile methods of project management, such as the waterfall model or comparable methods, which rely on much advance planning. As a rule, all steps are determined (by the planner) and then processed linearly. Adjustments to the project plan are more an exception than a rule.

This is in contrast to the agile approach, in which all requirements are first recorded (user stories). The order of the topics and the detailed steps result in the course of the project during the gradual execution by the implementation teams themselves.

In cplace, users can combine different methods. Traditional waterfall models with work distribution structures, tasks and resource assignments, interdependencies, and Gantt status and progress tracking graphs are available, as well as agile or scrum-based techniques.

With the cplace PM Suite you start with a lean, clear system, which you can then quickly adapt and scale to your own tailor-made solution.

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