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Dataciders InMediasP on Its Way to Become a cplace Partner

January 15, 2024 | 3 min

cplace Community

Have you already heard of the cplace partner network? It combines many years of experience and expertise – the perfect match for tomorrow’s business solutions. In our „Partner Views” series, we would like to give you an insight into the work of the network. Our partners answer questions and provide a glimpse behind the scenes. This time in our interview: Tobias Thumann from Dataciders InMediasP GmbH.

InMediasP Team

Tobias, what does Dataciders InMediasP do?

We are experts for high-variant products, complex processes, large data sets, widely spread data models and data quality. As a service provider, we support and advise our customers with respect to their processes and systems. Together we develop customized and individual software applications with them.

Why did you become a cplace partner?

Our motto since our founding in 1998 has been to offer our customers individual solutions for their digitization challenges. cplace offers exactly these opportunities and is thus a perfect fit for our portfolio. Since January 2022, we have been part of the Dataciders Group and since Dataciders QuinScape GmbH is already a long-term cplace partner, cplace also popped up on our radar. Together we developed a strategy to transfer our individual expertise into the cplace ecosystem. After the first meeting between the group and collaboration Factory, it was obvious that cplace offered us an incredible opportunity.

You joined Dataciders InMediasP in the summer of 2022 to work with cplace…

Yes, you could say that. I was already working there as a consultant until 2016. After that, I was drawn to an automotive supplier. When I decided to develop my skills in IT project management, it was my former colleagues who told me about a software called cplace, which even users with no IT experience can use to digitize and develop their project management. At the same time, experienced colleagues can also implement complex solutions and interfaces to existing applications. I was asked if I would like to build a team of consultants and developers for this purpose. It was the literal offer I couldn’t refuse.

How did the first months of the partnership work out?

Even prior to signing the partner agreement, there was an open exchange between the cplace teams of our partner Dataciders QuinScape and collaboration Factory. I joined in August 2022 and immediately received the first training sessions. Especially the access to our own eLearning platform – the cplace Academy – and the Low-Code Basic and Advanced trainings provided me with a kickstart. I was taught all the basics and advanced functions of cplace in a very short time. After two months, I was already able to try out my own concepts in the demo environment.

At the same time, we built up our own cplace team in the background. Of course, in addition to skilled employees, you also need concrete projects. To achieve this, we are in close contact with the cplace sales department on a regular basis. As a result, shortly after the start of the partnership, we were already talking to a young Munich-based company from the energy sector – a lead that otherwise would never have ended up with us. It was a wonderful start for us, which has since turned into our first project.

What does Dataciders InMediasP expect from the partnership?

We expect synergies in order to further develop the topic of digitization. The ultimate goal of Dataciders InMediasP and collaboration Factory is to make our customers’ processes fit for the future, to deploy resources optimally and to enable companies to make better decisions. We always want to provide our customers with the best tool for their individual challenges. In addition, we also have one or two ideas on how we can use cplace in the organization of our own processes and projects. That’s why we want to continue a creative and fruitful exchange.

Let’s have a look into the future: what are your plans – also with regard to cplace?

Our areas of expertise are the major PLM/PDM systems, CAD/DMU applications, and highly complex individual software solutions, for example in configuration management or traceability. In addition, we have exciting topics for the future with our business clusters PLM 4.0, Digital Twins, Green PLM, Product DNA and End-to-End Solutions. All these applications and initiatives can be made simpler to use, easier to understand and, above all, are more accessible through cplace. We see enormous potential here. We want to use it to open up new user spectrums and drive innovation. And maybe there is even a chance that we can use our know-how and development to give something back to the community in the form of a widget or Solution Template.

About the Interview Partner

Tobias Thumann, Senior Consultant, Dataciders InMediasP GmbH 

As Dataciders InMediasP, we develop unique solutions tailored to our customers’ visions. In our processes, we thoroughly and collaboratively analyze each problem from various perspectives. Our strongest drive is our passion for innovation.

To the Homepage of InMediasP GmbH (Part of Dataciders Group)
Tobias Thumann Senior Consultant InMediasP GmbH 

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