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cplace impresses at Pharma Conference on Project and Portfolio Management

January 22, 2024 | 4 min

Project and Portfolio Management

From selecting the most promising research projects to efficient project and resource planning, including contract research organizations (CROs), to simplified stakeholder communication with meaningful reporting: the pharmaceutical industry can benefit from cplace in many ways. At least that was the main feedback we received at the industry meeting in Frankfurt in mid-January.

cplace at Marcus Evans Pharma Conference

Organizer Marcus Evan hosted the “Strategic Project & Portfolio Management for Pharma” conference in Frankfurt/Main from January 17-19, 2024, and put together a first-class program. The keynotes, technical lectures and panel discussions revolved around the theme “Optimizing Tools and Processes to Drive PPM Efficiency and Steer High Efficiency Projects”. In their presentations, the international speakers shared how they use specific processes and different software solutions to manage their portfolios transparently and efficiently, how they establish reporting as a basis for decision-making, and how they reliably lead cross-company projects to success.

cplace bei Marcus Evans
cplace bei Marcus Evans
cplace bei Marcus Evans

Portfolio Management – Successfully Realizing the Right Projects 

At the renowned pharmaceutical industry meeting, which celebrated its 27th edition this year, cplace could not be missing. Together with our partner Le Bihan  we were there as an exhibitor and were pleased to have numerous insightful discussions with the highly qualified participants.

In discussions with visitors, for example, it became clear that companies in the pharmaceutical industry face the challenge of clearly monitoring and managing the numerous initiatives and projects that are being implemented in parallel and across departments in a common portfolio. Up-to-date status and progress information on individual strategic projects is often lacking or requires tedious data collection. Often, a single project involves the use of different specialist solutions with no standardized database.

The feedback from visitors to our cplace platform was correspondingly positive. cplace is a PPM Toolkit that not only offers a wide range of tried-and-tested tools, but also takes into account the specific requirements of the various specialist departments right from the start. The fact that everyone involved in a project can use the various solutions on a platform as needed provides the company with a single database, a single source of truth. This makes portfolio management much easier, as all relevant information can be brought together in one dashboard, allowing management to make decisions based on reliable data.


Solution Template

Strategy Manager: Keep an overview of your strategic initiatives

Benefit form the Strategy Manager
Solution Template Strategy Manager

Complex reporting soon to be a relic of the past 

Creating regular project reports is part of everyday project life. Whether it’s a status report, milestone trend analysis, cost or risk report, a lot of time is spent compiling and updating the required information. Time that could be better spent by project managers. As soon as all the data is seeked and compiled in a locally saved Excel spreadsheet, it is usually out of date and of questionable value. Many visitors to our booth complained about this. 

At this point, cplace provides reporting with real-time data at the touch of a button. On request, companies can access a range of standard project reports on topics such as project effort, costs or working hours. At the same time, they have the option to independently create individual dashboards and overviews without any programming knowledge, which always access the current data status and can be exported with a single click. This saves project managers valuable time that they can invest in planning and managing their projects. 

Solution Template

Lean Portfolio Management: Manage portfolios more agiley and efficiently according to lean principles

Click here for the Lean Portfolio Manager
Solution Template Lean Portfolio Management

Lack of overview due to method mix 

As some of the companies pointed out, it takes a lot of effort to manage and coordinate cross-departmental initiatives. This is because of the need to align the different planning and working methods of different departments and teams. At the same time, a fragmented tool landscape with redundant systems contributes to the high management efforts of these projects. Finally, the integration of external partners such as CROs (Contract Research Organizations) is a real challenge. 

Once again, cplace was able to share best practices with the attendees based on existing customers in the pharmaceutical industry. From complete Solution Templates for the Product Roadmap, Lean Portfolio Management or Computer System Validation (CSV) to Risk Management and Cross-Company Planning, including agile, classic and hybrid methods, cplace offers best-in-class solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. 

“We already knew from our existing customers that cplace can make an important contribution to the success of research and development projects,” said Michael Gaksch, Senior Enterprise Account Manager at cplace. “In our discussions and demos with the highly qualified experts on site, cplace was perceived as a powerful and flexible platform solution for Project and Portfolio Management with a modern UX. Other use cases were quickly identified where cplace can help manage highly complex R&D projects more transparently and efficiently,” he added. “The individual adaptability for all user groups involved in the project and the single source of truth platform approach as a basic prerequisite for the use of AI were highlighted as future-oriented added values.” Michael Gaksch continues: “Pharmaceutical companies thrive on innovation and are usually driven by the desire to help others. To be able to contribute to this with cplace makes us happy and a little proud”. 

About the Author

Christian Schneider, Content Marketing, cplace

With its Next-Generation Project and Portfolio Management technology, cplace is revolutionizing and transforming the way people and organizations collaborate on complex projects. The flexible software platform enables leading companies to create customized solutions for digital transformation and developing complex products.

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