Security and Deployment

Deploy cplace from the public cloud or operate a private cloud in your own data center. Optimize TCO by integrating the cplace server components into existing technology infrastructure and leverage available security tooling for authentication and access control.

ISO Zertifizierung

  • Configurable password rules and policies.
  • SSO: LDAP or integration into customer’s existing enterprise SSO infrastructure.
  • API access secured via token-based authentication.
  • Multi-level admin: System, application, workspace.
  • Need-to-know access rights ensure protection from insider threats.
  • All admin actions are logged.
Users, groups and permissions
  • Users, roles, role-based permission system.
  • On every level in the object hierarchy.
  • Dynamic permission management.
Security Operations
  • Server hardening.
  • Patch management process.
  • Secure deployment guidelines.
Security Development
  • Security Code Reviews.
  • Regular Pen-Testing.
  • Secure Defaults.
Agile Deployment of software updates
  • Staging.
  • Sandbox.
  • Canary.
Enterprise Scaling
  • Horizontal scaling with standard load balancers.
  • Database engine supports clustering.
Deployment options
  • Public cloud operated by cplace in German certified data center.
  • Private cloud: on-premise running in customer or provider data center.
Server operations
  • SLA assurance and reporting.
  • Integration into customer monitoring.
  • 3rd-level support for on-premise deployment.
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