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Transparency and Efficiency in Project Management

The Next-Generation Project Management-Software for Pharma

Project Management Software for Pharma | cplace

Innovation in Project Management for Pharma

Drive breakthrough innovations for patients: cplace helps pharmaceutical companies speed up drug discovery and improve efficiency in drug development.

cplace is an open, state-of-the-art software platform that meets even the most demanding requirements for today’s PPM systems. cplace is used by leading pharmaceutical companies like Roche to make their Project and Portfolio Management  faster, more efficient, and more transparent – which translates to shorter time-to-market for their healthcare solutions. cplace gives research-based pharmaceutical companies more transparency into their investments, and more agility and speed in research and development.

Challenges holding pharmaceutical companies back

Companies face the challenge that existing PPM systems are often not user-friendly. This results in two separate planning worlds: political planning and real project planning. The latter often takes place in “shadow IT” (e.g., Excel), resulting in a complex software landscape. Employees struggle with outdated, difficult-to-use systems that make reporting time consuming and costly. The use of shadow IT compromises data quality, and the ongoing digitalization further amplifies the problem.

cplace eliminates these challenges, unifies planning worlds and optimizes data quality for efficient and user-friendly Project Management.

Ressourcenplanung im Projektmanagement

Benefits of cplace as Project Management Software for Pharma

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Market approvals in less time

Companies need to focus on the most promising projects in their portfolio early on and make the right investment decisions. Only software with a consistent, up-to-date data basis can provide the required insights. cplace ensures transparency into the status of each molecule at relevant milestones by providing reliable and complete live data.

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Increased efficiency

cplace helps to streamline business processes and eliminate unnecessary steps, saving time and reducing costs. By automating routine tasks and workflows, cplace can free up employees to focus on more strategic work.

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Future-proof PPM software

cplace’s flexible and customizable platform allows companies to adjust their Project and Portfolio landscape quickly and easily in response to new challenges, opportunities, and regulatory requirements.

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Instant reporting based on live data

cplace helps take the manual effort out of reporting. It supports users in aggregating live data from the system and preparing reports on single projects, portfolios, and programs for specific stakeholders at the push of a button. Reports can be exported in PowerPoint, Excel or Word format and may even include data from third-party systems.

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Improved cooperation across the value chain

As R&D cooperation partnerships with CROs are gaining in importance, cplace – designed for company-wide collaborative work – offers a wide range of options for secure intercompany collaboration. It streamlines cooperation across the healthcare ecosystem to speed up and broaden access to healthcare solutions for people who need them.

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Intuitive user interfaces

cplace is the type of software users love to use. It provides them with digital workspaces that cater for their individual needs while interconnecting them on the same database and platform. What is more, users don’t get overwhelmed by features they don’t need or use. cplace does not represent the smallest common denominator for the entire company but gives each user the perfect work environment they need while ensuring a well-maintained common data basis.

Challenges of Stakeholder Communication

Complex stakeholder interaction depends on the availability of transparent and reliable information at all times. Project teams require an overview of their project activities to be able to manage their projects, organize the team, and capture tasks and decisions. In addition, teams need to collaborate across functions and communicate with their stakeholders throughout the company. On the other hand, stakeholders require a realistic helicopter view to manage financials, coordinate supply, and keep track of portfolio success. All things considered, transparent and reliable information at any time is key to enabling successful collaboration.

Stakeholder Communication in Pharma | cplace

Integration of Resource and Cost Management

cplace helps managers prepare high-level cost forecasts, detect deviations, and allocate the right resources to the right projects.

Software must be able to meet the unique needs of each team without having to compromise. Inflexible and complex standard solutions are often not capable of doing so, quickly overwhelm their users and are therefore doomed to failure.

More on Resource Planning with cplace
Resource and Cost Management for Pharma | cplace

cplace as a Project Management Software for Pharma

The cplace Project Management Software takes the planning process in a new direction:

  • cplace is a flexible, adaptable toolkit that allows any organization to mix and match solutions and map their individual processes.
  • With cplace, all users work in a standardized system, on a common database, the so-called Single Source of Truth.
  • Thanks to its various integration options, cplace can automatically exchange data with existing systems. 
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Raus aus der Schatten-IT – rein in eine kollaborative PPM-Plattform

How has cplace been used in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

cplace as a highly flexible Project and Portfolio Management Platform

Roche, one of the market leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, has chosen cplace to replace a legacy system that has been used for Project and Portfolio Management in large parts of the company.

The use of cplace as a highly flexible Project and Portfolio Management Platform enables teams to develop customized software, make decision-making processes more transparent and introduce innovative collaboration methods.

cplace is more than an innovative PPM platform for Roche – it also introduces a new way of working – agile, lean, collaborative, and speedy. cplace offers customized solutions for all types of users, not only for the PPM experts.

Dr. Manfred Schwaiger
Head of Business Enabling, Oncology
Project Management Software for Pharma

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cplace helps pharmaceutical companies speed up drug discovery and improve efficiency in drug development.

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