Planning Process

Re-thinking the Planning Process

A strategic, cross-functional initiative focused on building a new planning ecosystem

Roche has one of the world’s largest R&D organizations, with over 13,000 people developing new medicines. The science is complex, but the Roche R&D mission is simple – to drive new drugs through the development pipeline, from initial science to patient delivery, as effectively as possible.

Planning that process – to use people and budgets in the best way across many projects – is challenging. Historically, Roche used an enterprise-scale project management system for this task. Over time, it became complex and expensive to maintain and less appropriate to a fast-changing R&D world.

The company began a ground-up development of a new R&D Planning Ecosystem (RDP), using agile principles and choosing the most appropriate technologies to create it. Their mission was to build an ecosystem that drove a change in mindset in how they plan in R&D. After evaluating many tools, they chose cplace from collaboration Factory AG as one of their key technologies. This is our journey…

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