How to create a new PPM Solution in 20 Days (EN)

Follow us on the journey from a first idea to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Many overloaded PPM software systems in big enterprises have seen better days. The companies feel the need to replace them. Often, however, they do not yet have a concrete idea of what kind of software solution they need to successfully shape this change process. This webinar gives you concise insights into the world of Rapid Prototyping out of a real-life customer project in a market-leading enterprise.

What’s in it for you? We’ll take you on a journey of creating a usable software solution for the most demanding planning standards in a surprisingly short amount of time. How did our client manage to outline and implement a clear picture of a ready-to-use software solution? And how was the software developed from an MVP to a productively usable and fully integrated PPM solution?

Webinar PPM Solution in 20 Days

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