Risk Manager

Successfully manage project risks in a team


Successfully manage project risks in a team

The cplace Solution Template Risk Manager combines the most successful methods for collating, evaluating, and managing project risks. An integrated agile action management helps to control and minimize project risks. Customizable workflows guide project team members through the required steps in an easy-to-understand manner. This way, companies open risk management to new user groups and enable them to efficiently control risks in the project. Target group-specific dashboards provide the necessary transparency.

The Risk Manager works in flexible interaction with all other cplace apps and solutions (such as Collaborative Project Scheduling and Portfolio Management) on a common data basis.




Business Challenge

Innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, while product development is becoming more complex. It must function globally in interaction with a large number of suppliers. This leads to an increase in project risks, while at the same time transparency decreases. Risks that are discovered too late and are not adequately managed endanger the success of the entire project, be it through delays in the project process or through insufficient quality of the project results.

Customer Benefits

With the Risk Manager, cplace offers companies a lean, intuitive solution that integrates all relevant stakeholders into the project or company-wide risk management. This allows all project participants, even in distributed teams, the greatest possible transparency and coordinated action in the planning and implementation of measures.

Active involvement of all stakeholders
Active involvement of all stakeholders through networked risk management
Method mix
Agile management of risk mitigation measures
Historization and archiving of relevant information
Compliant historization and archiving of relevant information
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