Collaborative Scheduling

Manage complex projects within a collaboration network

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Insights in cplace

Manage complex projects within a collaboration network

Collaborative scheduling with cplace supports planning and control of complex projects based on the Collaborative Project Management approach, the de-facto standard of the automotive industry. The app breaks down the overall project schedule into any number of interlinked sub-schedules with the desired level of detail. The individual sub-schedules facilitate clear allocation and assignment of tasks and responsibilities. Since they are all rooted in the same common data basis, they remain consistent at all times. Agile or traditional content can be flexibly integrated into the cplace schedule as needed. Apart from traditional project reports, cplace lets you invoke easy-to-read live visualizations—or, at the click of a button, generate your report directly in a business graphics format.

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Collaborative Scheduling

Business Challenge

Facing accelerating development cycles, globalized, multi-level supply chains, increasingly complex product development processes, and the need to integrate more and more software into their products and services, enterprises and their project managers are feeling the pressure. Delays, quality issues, a growing overhead of manual processes, inconsistent data, insufficient transparency and the resulting inability to make fact-based decisions are some of the consequences.

Customer benefits

cplace creates visibility and enables active communication throughout companies and projects across all project levels, even in highly dynamic situations. By proactively engaging and interconnecting all project members, cplace not only improves user buy-in but also demonstrably increases the quality and efficiency of projects and processes. 

Collaborative Project Management
Collaborative Project Management methodology
Agile meets traditional
Agile meets traditional: Get the best of both worlds
reports at the click of a button
Executive reports at the click of a button
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