Increase CIP effectiveness and boost quality

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Increase CIP effectiveness and boost quality

The cplace CIP App is a flexible solution enabling you to transparently manage the activities and methods of your Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) using cplace. All employees can take an active role, capturing and assessing issues and planning activities.

This keeps them involved in the process on a continuous basis. Improvement potential can be identified, assessed and analyzed effortlessly using the tool to establish a successful, software-supported improvement process across the enterprise.

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Business Challenge

Enterprises must evolve continuously to adjust to changing market conditions and remain competitive. By implementing a stringent continuous improvement scheme you make sure that your company’s processes are highly effective and achieve top quality, your employees are happy and your costs stay down so you can drive the development of the entire organization.

Customer Benefits

The cplace CIP app provides employees with a wide range of collaboration and assessment options, allowing them to get actively (“bottom-up”) involved in the continuous improvement process while benefitting from the company’s accumulated knowledge assets. Another great advantage of the cplace CIP app is its integrated issue, improvement and idea management feature (top-down) enabling controlled, structured, tool-supported handling of associated activities.

Transparency across all processes
Structured management
Guided, structured management
Easy identification of improvement potential
Easy identification of improvement potential
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