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Empower your hybrid planning environment by integrating agile task management

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Integrate agile task management in hybrid planning environments

The cplace Board provides teams and individuals with a convenient solution for agile task management, readily integrating with any enterprise-level software solution. In addition, its comprehensive configuration options allow users to customize the Board for a wide range of use cases and process logics. 

The preferred agile method (e.g. Scrum or Kanban), the organizational level (e.g. team or department), and the items managed using the Board (e.g. tasks, activities) can be freely defined so users can manage their projects holistically. What is more, hybrid methods are supported by linking the agile content of the Board with items from the traditional planning world on the cplace platform.

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Business Challenge

Agile teams looking for a suitable task management system are frequently unable to find anything useful in their company’s rigid enterprise solution environment. They resort to alternatives such as Trello or even physical Post-it boards, which means they are unable to maintain a direct link with the higher-level enterprise planning system. This ‘shadow IT’ approach results in a lack of transparency, loss of traction and declining data quality.

Customer benefits

The benefits of the cplace Board are as plentiful as its potential uses. The solution generates value in multiple ways, for example by digitalizing analog processes such as physical boards. Higher-level corporate objectives defined on the cplace platform can be structured, refined and managed by agile teams using the Board. This approach maintains all the links with the superordinate planning system while allowing agile teams to freely choose their preferred working methods and ensuring full support for hybrid methodologies.

Free choice of method and use case
Free choice of method and use case
Supports hybrid methodologies
Supports hybrid methodologies
Exceptionally user-friendly
Exceptionally user-friendly
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