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Gain insights from your cplace data

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Gain insights from your cplace data

The need for companies to gain well-grounded insights from their enterprise-specific data is ever-increasing. cplace data is particularly valuable because it contains process-critical master, project and real-time data that is maintained collaboratively by a large number of users.

This data reflects company-specific developments and allows deep insights into process and project potentials.

Thanks to the cplace Analytics Connector, cplace data can be made available centrally to the company's own data analysts. This makes it possible to analyze the data. Analysts can enrich cplace data with information from other data sources and thus gain insights for better decision-making.



Business Challenge

Traditional master and transaction data can usually be easily identified, stored centrally, and be easily evaluated. However, data from the day-to-day work processes of the deparments is often difficult to find, less up-to-date, and sometimes even of inferior quality. Yet it is precisely this data that would be exciting to analyze, such as data on process statuses, current challenges in product maturity or the current life cycle of a product.

Customer Benefits

The Analytics Connector extends the cplace platform with a solution that allows the efficient transfer of project management and process data to a BI tool  This means that existing or new data warehouses can be easily enriched with the important core process data contained in cplace. The real-time transfer increases transparency in the analyses and enables analysts to draw direct conclusions.

Intelligent integration of data with internally available data sources and data sinks
Enables evaluation with all popular BI tools and fast, easy setup
Effortless and transparent access to planning and process data
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