Multi-Project Management

Maintain the overview in complex R&D project portfolios

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Maintain the overview in complex R&D project portfolios

The cplace-based multi-project management solution offers a function-based view of project portfolios. Its modular architecture ensures high flexibility and fast configuration of individual views. The multifaceted visualization possibilities – such as the portfolio widget or the indication grid – enable the clustering of projects and allow a mapping of project dependencies. This leads to an increased overview of the portfolio manager even when monitoring a multitude of projects. The app furthermore allows a customizable data administration depending on customer needs and facilitates collaborative work through a consistent and web-based data storage in real time. Furthermore, an easy and flexible combination of agile and traditional project management methods is possible: High-level project planning can be done with a Gantt chart, for example, while the detailed planning of tasks can be done in a task board. 

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Multi-Project Management

Business Challenge

Due to a continuously increasing number of interrelated, complex projects, portfolio managers face a rising challenge when aggregating relevant project portfolio information for the management level. Portfolio managers additionally face great interdisciplinary coordination efforts, redundant sources of data and media disruption obstructing an efficient workflow. At the same time, project predictability and self-empowerment of team members becomes a crucial part of competitive advantage, hence project managers find themselves balancing detailed project planning and flexible project organization.

Customer benefits

The multi-project management solution offers a hierarchically structured overview of projects to R&D teams, project managers and portfolio managers – regardless of company size or industry sector. In this overview, all users access the same information and process data in real time. The consistent data basis permits a fast, harmonized reporting with minor personal expenditure, improved collaboration, and increased comparability between projects.

Efficient multi-project management
Efficient multi-project management
Transparency in complex project portfolios
Support of agile and hybrid
Support of agile and hybrid project management
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