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With cplace Next-Generation Project Management (NGPM) you will say Goodbye to shadow IT

cplace project management

Does your system combine and integrate agile and conventional project management methods? Does your solution scale readily in a multi-project environment? And can it be customized to meet new requirements?

None of the above? That is sad, but you are not alone.

Many of our customers face similar challenges: difficulties interlinking agile and traditional methods; a subculture of inefficient shadow IT; being unable to keep up with constantly changing project or stricter compliance requirements; and countless other issues. Put all that behind yourself now with one single, comprehensive solution.

Use cplace Next-Generation Project Management to combine agile and traditional methods, interlink schedules, enrich them with supplementary information, and manage (distributed) teams, even across company boundaries if needed.

What is more, the cplace platform provides you with high data quality you can rely on so you can meet the most stringent compliance requirements. Digitalize Post-it-boards or error-prone Excel lists in a straightforward process, and meet new requirements with a flexible software solution that you can adapt as needed.
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Use cplace NGPM for your...
Collaborative Project Management
Collaborative Project Management

By breaking down the overall project schedule into any number of interlinked sub-schedules with the desired level of detail, you can bring structure and clarity into complex schedules. The resulting sub-schedules will be cross-linked via their common data basis, enabling you to delegate decisions and their implementation across schedules and companies. Convenient add-on features include items such as subscribing to processes and milestones, interlinking separate schedules, or identifying and resolving schedule conflicts and changes across schedules. Learn more

Method mix
Method mix

cplace adapts to your organization’s work practices, combining traditional project planning with agile methods in an efficient and scalable, hybrid management system that gives every user the view she or he needs: For example, an agile developer team may use a Scrum or Kanban board while the executives need a dashboard providing them with up-to-the-minute overviews of all project activities and status data.

Traditional project management and business graphics

The Enterprise Scheduling App is a powerful tool for managing complex schedules. For example, it supports organizing processes, activities and milestones or defining interdependencies and timeframes. Moreover, it enables status and progress tracking using waterfall and stage gate models. The PG-Export App lets you visualize schedule information for specific groups or executives, and generate compelling individual project reports at the click of a button.

Agile project management
Agile project management

cplace provides a wide range of solutions to support your agile teams, from an Digital Board to mapping the essential SAFe, through to integration with Jira Software, tying it all into your top-level planning ecosystem. This means everybody can work with the system they prefer.

Cross-company project management
Cross-company project management

cplace makes the dream of efficient collaboration across the extended enterprise come true: It lets collaborating enterprises share planning information and enables direct integration of external schedule entries (events, milestones) into each company's internal schedule to support cross-company project management.

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