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How long have you been at collaboration Factory and why did you join the company?

I started at collaboration Factory in July 2016 with a “mini job”, because I was on maternity leave. I then switched to working part-time as a permanent employee. A colleague of mine, whom I already knew by then, was encouraging me to to join the team while I was still on maternity leave. It was the perfect opportunity for me, because collaboration Factory provided me with the flexibility I needed, e.g. the possibility to work from home and the freedom of flexible working hours.

What are your core responsibilities as a tester?

I am working as a test manager in the development team „project planning“ and in the Scrum team. Being a Test Manager includes being responsible for testing new features, creating test documents, testing bugs, scheduling tests and some other tasks.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role?

One challenge is to consider the holistic range of important test cases, which is not always easy regarding the complexity of the software. Another challenge can be to actually find a bug in our well-coded and documented software.You need a lot of accuracy and diligence.

What’s most rewarding about your role?

I enjoy the work in and with my team as everyone supports each other. The positive feedback of our customers is also a really rewarding experience.

What does your typical day look like?

Before the daily meeting with my team, I usually get an overview of my tasks. After the meeting I enjoy my 10-o’clock coffee and start with my work. Most of the time I am occupied with explorative testing and creation of test cases for new features. However, on some days, I am mostly busy with organizational things as well as the analysis of test results. I like my work because it combines complex, analytical, but also creative tasks.

For people looking to join us in your team, which tips do you have?

You should enjoy challenges and not be scared of sharing your opinion.

You have children. How do you manage to be successful at work while still making time to spend with your family?

I can manage both my family and my work, because I have the option to work part-time as well as from home. Home office is especially helpful when school or kindergarden are closed or if my child feels unwell and needs to be fetched early. In these cases, I can flexibly switch to home office.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I would love to have “thought power”, i.e. I think of a place and I could be there instantly.

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