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Jakob, you’ve been at the company on and off for more than two years now, tell us about your journey at collaboration Factory!

I started my first job at collaboration Factory in December 2018 as a working student in the software testing team. The funny thing about that is that I was studying "Sports Journalism and Management" at the time and had absolutely nothing to do with software. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed working as a software tester. This was not least due to a great testing team that offered me the support I needed at any time.

In December 2019, I started a social media marketing internship at another employer. It really hurt me to leave collaboration Factory. However, we remained with an "if-you-want-to-come-back-you're-always-welcome." And yes... 8 months later I returned to the #bestteam as a working student in Marketing & Sales.

What I've really enjoyed since then is that although collaboration Factory has grown rapidly in the meantime; the spirit has not been lost. I quickly found myself back in my beloved work environment, in two new teams and new fields of responsibility. All this gives me the motivation I want for my work every day.

And so, the remaining months up to my first permanent position as a Marketing & Sales Assistant in March 2021 were simply a great time.

You just became Marketing & Sales Assistant, what are your core responsibilities? What does your typical day look like?

Every working day starts with a daily meeting in the respective teams. Generally, I spend half of the time working in Sales and the other half in Marketing. However, there is no such thing as a typical working day.

In Sales, I’m working on various cold-calling campaigns, among other things. I try to get in touch with potential target groups to inform them about our product or, in reverse, to understand developments and trends in the market. I also update leads and related campaigns in cplace to support the other sales managers.

In marketing, I am also involved in several campaigns that are designed to increase our brand awareness and reach, for example. This includes processes of ideation, implementation, and follow-ups. Apart from that, I regularly work with software for graphic, video, presentation, and web design. And of course, with cplace.

You are working in two departments: Marketing and Sales. What are the benefits of such a position?

The benefits are clearly that I can gain experience from two different perspectives at once on how to communicate the product to the customer. I get to know the day-to-day work of both departments and how they interact together or independently. This helps me to better assess what will be interesting for me in the future.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role? What’s most rewarding?

That's where I pick up directly: The biggest, but at the same time also the most beautiful challenge is to mentally adjust to the respective department alternately. So far, that's working quite well.

For people looking to join us in your field of work, what tips do you have?

I have learned a lot here because every employee at collaboration Factory is happy to share their experiences with me. I therefore recommend curiosity and a willingness to communicate at the workplace, as well as the motivation to learn. In addition, it doesn't hurt to have basic knowledge of the functions of both departments and ideally also of the software market.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

No need for sleep so I can experience every minute of my life.

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