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  • More efficiency for your product pipeline
  • Maximum flexibility in your choice of methods
  • Digital solutions that employees love to use

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Developing tomorrow's pharmaceuticals and medical technology with yesterday's software solutions?

Many companies in the Life Sciences are stuck in legacy systems with outdated and overloaded user interfaces. These systems are hard to update and users often wait years for new features. 

Many team members use such software only unwillingly. Data quality suffers because the reality of projects often takes place in PowerPoint or Excel. The advantages of cross-departmental networking and standardization of projects are not utilized this way.

Current market developments are forcing  the Life Sciences industries (pharmaceuticals, medical technology, biotechnology) to optimize their time-to-market and product pipelines.

Time is money - leading Life Sciences companies invest in efficiency and speed

  • The era of blockbuster drugs is coming to an end, patent terms are expiring.
  • New active ingredients and therapeutic breakthroughs must first be developed at great expense.
  • In the course of the last seven years, the average cost of developing a drug has doubled
  • In addition, patent terms for research-based pharmaceutical companies are becoming shorter due to legal requirements. This leaves little time to recoup initial investments in research and development.
  • New indications for the active ingredients of already authorized products are becoming an important success factor.
  • Markets are becoming more fragmented, products smaller and more complex. The cost of information management is increasing.


Optimize time-to-market
product pipelines
Increase visibility of product pipelines
Achieve transparency across all processes
Realize the full potential of your product pipeline
Only software that users like to use on a daily basis adds value to your business. cplace is the innovative PPM software for the Life Sciences.
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  • cplace is based on a modular concept: teams configure, customize and extend the solution as needed - for a quick, easy start!
  • Easy to use user interfaces with innovative visualizations draw attention to the essentials. 
  • One size does not fit all: Teams and departments decide individually which solution components to use. 
  • New requirements and processes can be implemented and deployed in real time. The solutions deliver immediate value to all users. All stakeholders can participate in the design and development process.
  • cplace sets company-wide standards for project and process data and their quality. This enables networking, collaboration and efficient coordination.  
  • Method mix: Teams decide themselves on their choice of methods – from agile to waterfall to a hybrid method mix.
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  • Optimal user interfaces for every type of user – from experts to occasional users, everyone feels at home.  
  • Real-time status information for stakeholders and management boards: From efficient reporting to individual management dashboards, cplace offers maximum transparency without additional effort.  
  • cplace is easily customizable even without programming skills.
  • Extensibility for other application areas: cplace can be expanded into many other business processes, such as risk management, scenario planning and simulation, or the structuring of mergers & acquisitions.  
  • Single Source of Truth: a central data source without redundant data storage.
  • Simple and efficient collaboration between different teams and departments.

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Customer testimonial

"cplace is more than an innovative PPM platform for Roche – it also introduces a new way of working – agile, lean, collaborative, and speedy. cplace offers customized solutions for all types of users, not only for the PPM experts. Different modules support different ways of working and technical needs within the company. Thanks to the uniform data basis, not only can the individual teams plan and control their projects better - collaboration across departments also becomes easier and more efficient. And that's just the beginning: all users are still invited to make the solution their own and contribute new ideas and requirements, which we can then implement in-house. That way, cplace will flexibly adapt to the quickly changing requirements in our highly dynamic discovery environment"

Dr. Manfred Schwaiger, Head of Business Enabling, Oncology, Hoffmann-La Roche

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