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CEO Keynote

Don’t Manage Your Projects Like It’s 1999 [GER]

The way large organizations manage complex projects no longer meets the requirements of today’s fast-paced world. Therefore, many global market leaders have already ventured into a new era of project and portfolio management. In doing so, they share many common challenges:  

Agile and digital transformation demand high-speed adaptation. New product generations are created in close collaboration with suppliers, who must be seamlessly integrated into a common project schedule. And many industries have to cope with the talent shortage.  

But what do companies that are successful in the long term do differently? How do they stand out from the competition? How do they gain traction? How do they become more agile and empowered to work in a decentralized self-organized way?  

Technology is, of course, one answer to these questions, but not the only one. Dr. Rupert Stuffer provides insights into his vision of the PPM of the future and into his ideas on how the community of customers and partners can learn from each other and shape a successful future together.  


  • Dr. Rupert Stuffer, Chief Executive Officer, collaboration Factory AG
Dr. Rupert Stuffer
Peter und Navid

cplace Insights

Off to new cplace galaxies [GER]

Maybe not at the speed of light yet, but at least at high speed, companies need new software solutions for their current challenges.   

Find out in our Product Spotlight which cplace product updates and highlights will support you in the future on your way to this highly flexible, dynamic and customisable business software landscape.    

Our speakers will demonstrate what's new in the powerful cplace low-code world and present further updates that support rapid application development and the continuous evolution of solutions. The new Solution Management adds an important pillar to cplace in the area of software lifecycle and governance. Powerful enterprise connectivity options integrate cplace seamlessly into the system landscape and ensure automated data exchange with other established solutions in the company. In addition, new functional solution modules enable the introduction of business software in record time.   


  • Peter Röhner, Chief Technology Officer, collaboration Factory AG 
  • Navid Heidemann, Head of Product, collaboration Factory AG

cplace Insights

Introducing PPM Technology [GER]

The vision for a new age of project work  

The world market leader in project and portfolio management software is Microsoft Excel - even though the market has long been oversaturated with expert tools. But when it comes to flexibility, user-friendliness and immediate adaptability, Excel beats many of these standard software solutions hands down. 

Especially in the context of large companies and complex projects, however, Excel quickly reaches its limits. Even market leaders leave so much potential in collaboration untapped. Only teams and companies that act quickly, in a coordinated manner and on the basis of the most up-to-date data have the edge over the competition. Marvin Adami and Dr. Thomas Büchner say: In the end, successful PPM is a tech-game and PPM Technology is a crucial component for turning Next Generation Project and Portfolio Management into reality. 

In this keynote, you will learn about the cplace vision of PPM Technology and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage already today. 


  • Marvin Adami, Chief Operating Officer, collaboration Factory AG
  • Dr. Thomas Büchner, Head of Technology, collaboration Factory AG 


Marvin Adami und Thomas Büchner
Speaker Canyon Bicycles

Customer Case

cplace as the Central Nervous System of product development [GER]

The vision of a central platform for processes and projects at Canyon Bicycles 

274 columns, 9,000 rows and 700,000 entries. Key figures of the Excel file, also known as the "Central Nervous System" in which CANYON Bicycles GmbH managed product data, product development projects and forecasting processes. 

Within three decades CANYON Bicycles GmbH has grown from a bicycle store to a leading global bicycle and accessories brand. This was made possible by innovative products, focus on design and quality and the direct sales model. With approx. 1,500 employees worldwide, half a billion euros in sales last year and annual growth rates of over 20 percent, decentralized solutions are reaching their limits.

As a result of a multi-stage selection process, CANYON has therefore decided to develop cplace into the key platform for data and information in product development. With the go-live in June 2022, the "Central Nervous System" was finally made fit for the future.  

This session will give you insights into the CANYON vision and goals.


  • Hans-Georg Moll, Director Project Management Office, Canyon Bicycles GmbH  
  • Christoph Gesting, Senior UI/UX cplace Engineer & Consultant, QuinScape GmbH 

Customer Case

Making Better Project Decisions [GER]

How Continental Tires connects project world and analytics 

In the R&D project world of Continental Tires, team members need to make numerous decisions every day - many of them with considerable consequences: It's not just about project deadlines, but also about which projects and activities to tackle. 

To make good decisions, managers need a comprehensive picture of the current data situation. To this end, reports and analytics environments bring together information from different systems, enabling new perspectives on the data in the system. 

Dr. Olga Boruszewski shows how Continental Tires has successfully bridged the gap between the project world and its analytics environment. She provides insight into typical use cases and reveals how the capabilities and enhancements of the cplace platform have helped the company to integrate effectively while providing users with the shortest path to the data they need.  


  • Dr. Olga Boruszewski, Global Team Lead PLM Solutions, IT Competence Center R&D Tires, Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH
  • Uwe Höpner, Service Owner and Software Architect cplace, Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH
Continental Reifen

Panel Discussion

Bridge the Gap: classic vs. agile [GER]

Key factors for hybrid project management in a scaled environment  

Hybrid project management is sometimes a buzzword, sometimes an evergreen of project management: everyone does it, everyone wants it - but many companies are still looking for answers to specific challenges in practice.   

In most industries, the rapidly increasing share of agile work organisation meets classic framework conditions for projects with predefined product development processes. In practice, this constellation often leads to decoupled work processes, system discontinuities and unclear tool boundaries. Successful hybrid project management must go hand in hand with a highly integrative software solution. This is the only way to achieve transparency and an overview in the jungle of data and tools.   

In our panel discussion we talk to André Gutjahr, Semi Kefi and Nepomuk Heimberger and find out how our experts deal with this conflict in practice. What software limitations do they perceive? The panellists also discuss how to successfully meet the practical challenges and what they see as the building blocks for successful hybrid project management - today and in the future.   


  • André Gutjahr, Manager Consulting Project Management, Daimler Truck AG
  • Semi Kefi, Enterprise Solution Specialist, demicon GmbH
  • Dr. Nepomuk Heimberger, Practice Lead für Hybrid Project Management, collaboration Factory AG


  • Matthias Wanser, Head of Partner Management, collaboration Factory AG

Customer Case

Developing TIGER [EN]

A new project and portfolio management platform to boost pharmaceutical drug discovery 

Roche is one of the world’s leading healthcare companies and the top investor in pharmaceutical R&D. pRED (Roche Pharma Research & Early Development) is at the forefront of groundbreaking science with a rich portfolio of innovative therapies for patients. The failure rate in the early phase of drug development is high, and it requires a constant process of review and prioritization, as well as efficient collaboration across scientific expert teams with highly specialized skills.  

Taking advantage of the cplace platform, Roche has established TIGER, an innovative project and portfolio management platform to master their highly dynamic drug discovery projects.  

TIGER is the acronym for Transparency, Innovation, aGility, Empowerment, and Responsibility which perfectly describes the Roche culture based on trust, mutual empowerment, and collaboration. 

TIGER provides individual discovery project teams with a broad spectrum of project management tools to efficiently manage their tasks and ensure delivery of key project milestones while offering a single data source for strategic portfolio management and decision making. 

Our speakers will take you on a journey into the area of early pharmaceutical drug discovery.  


  • Dr. Manfred Schwaiger, Business Product Owner, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. 
  • Dr. Anke Lühe, Development Lead, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. 
  • Hana Janouskova Ph.D., Project Manager, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.  


Roche Speakers
Daimler Truck

Customer Case

Citizen Development – the Daimler Truck Way [EN]

As one of the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers, Daimler Truck AG faces continuous competition. To lead sustainable transportation, several new products and propulsion technologies need to be developed and synchronized across the whole organization around the globe. This requires a modern, holistic project management solution, which presents itself as one important ingredient for the companies' success.

The Daimler Truck Project Management Office is convinced of building own software solutions based on the platform cplace - fast, robust, adaptive. The magic words? Citizen Development. In this process, business departments are empowered to (co-)design and create their own world of solutions - regardless of their previous IT and programming experience. Simply put, the business departments know their processes and problems best and can quickly develop their own solutions thanks to cplace NoCode and LowCode capabilities. And the best thing of all: this is all done in a secure application with a central database.

Learn more about how Daimler Truck has started with ist first global cplace solution, how the Project Management Office managed to empower global hubs to contribute with their own local solutions, how the teams established a continuous improvement and development framework, and which challenges they faced and what they've learnt throughout these phases.

Our speakers will provide insights from different perspectives on how cplace helps to enable Citizen Development at one of the world's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers. What success factors have contributed to this development? How do they collaborate? And what lessons has Daimler Truck learned for the future?   


  • Arthur Chevts, Global Project Management Office, Daimler Truck AG
  • Xiang Lou, Global Project Management Office, Daimler Truck AG  
  • Felix Bernhardt, Product Owner, collaboration Factory AG


Customer Case

High-speed Solution Development [GER]

From idea to finished business software on one platform

In the automotive industry, the demand for software has been increasing for years. Simon Kaiser and Philipp Herzberger provide insights into the area of multi-project management at a car manufacturer in the premium segment: How can internal software customers quickly get the exact solution they need? To prevent bottlenecks, the company relies on an end-to-end development platform in this context. Thanks to this, the people in charge can cater to the entire lifecycle of a software solution - from the initial idea to the productive use of the software solution.

Simple requirements are immediately converted into prototypes that users can test immediately. With their feedback, a new, improved version can be created in the shortest possible time. With the help of No- and Low-Code, even non-developers can actively participate. In addition, development professionals can also use the entire range of Pro-Code development to implement demanding requirements. The special strength: All gradations between simple configuration and professional software development are possible without disruptions.

Does this enable the company to better interlink its business and IT side (Biz-BizDev-DevOps approach)? How does the collaboration in the cplace community contribute to this? Where is the potential for improvement? Our speakers will address these and other questions in a discussion round, where questions from the audience are very welcomed as well.


  • Simon Kaiser, Product Owner Multi-Project Management, BMW Group AG
  • Philipp Herzberger, Resource and Competence Management Officer, BMW Group AG


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